Abstract for: Psychology SIG Roundable and Annual Meeting

Psychological variables and social processes within dynamic models can lead to better understanding of the causes of the problem and can enhance the field of psychology by developing dynamic models of social processes. The Psychology SIG studies ways for integrating psychological constructs into system dynamics models through use of system dynamics methodology to simulate psychological theories and the use of ‘soft’ variables in model formulation, simulation, and validation. To satisfy these activities the SIG supports networking, education, collaborative modeling projects, and manuscript/modeling consultation and review. The roundtable will consist of three segments: current progress, networking and collaboration, and future plans. During the first (and longest) segment we will discuss current progress, highlighting relevant conference presentations and inviting these presenters to discuss their work, including any lessons learned. During the next segment we will suggest new problems to explore and suggest areas where members can collaborate. We will conclude with a brief discussion of our plans to hold virtual presentations during the year.