Abstract for: A Developmental Framework for Assessing Application of Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics in Teams and Organizations

There is growing awareness of the potential benefits of systems thinking as a way to approach complex and dynamic problems in organizations and, more broadly, society. Systems thinking and the more rigorous methodology of system dynamics is increasingly included in curricula from primary and secondary education to undergraduate and graduate programs in business, engineering, public health, and social work. Yet, organizations seeking to apply systems thinking and moreover system dynamics as an innovation and practice, routinely encounter a number of challenges. These challenges stem from the diversity of definitions, approaches, communicating, and building support for systems thinking in the organization. Ultimately, developing professional competence and confidence in applying systems thinking using system dynamics also hinders its application in a team or organization. On top of these challenges, there are relatively few frameworks available for organizations to assess their understanding and application of systems dynamics. This poster addresses the gap by proposing a developmental framework for individuals, teams, and organizations to evaluate their application of systems dynamics.