Abstract for: Interactive Dynamic Modeling for the Passenger Flow Bottleneck and Security Checkpoint Management at an Airport

In this paper, the current structure of the passenger flows in Atatürk Airport is examined, aiming an improvement in the management of passenger flows. It is observed that security checkpoints are the main causes of the bottlenecks in the passenger flows. In this regard, passenger flows and their relations with security checkpoints/personnel are modeled dynamically. The model is set up based on two main flows through the domestic and the international terminals. After analyzing real hourly flow data of both international and domestic terminals and estimating their statistical properties, results are used in the model as input data. Validity of the model is tested under various extreme conditions, against real data and under different scenarios. In initial simulations, number of active x-rays devices and personnel needed are formulated as dynamic inputs. After obtaining these initial simulation results, an algorithm is developed to distribute necessary number of active x-rays/personnel to each security checkpoint. Finally, for the airport managers to test their own strategies, a game version of the model is built. It is expected that by using the model and the simulation game, decision-making structure of security personnel allocation at the airport will be improved.