Abstract for: XMILE Roundtable - Open Meeting

During last year's conference we announced the formation of the XMILE Technical Committee under the OASIS Open standards organization. Since then, we have created a draft specification that we are putting forward to the System Dynamics community prior to the OASIS review and approval process. The XMILE specification covers both the modeling language used to represent System Dynamics models and the layout of diagrams used to visualize and typically build such models. The language is based on the core precepts of System Dynamics, most notably stocks and flows, with extensions to capture most models in use today, and an extensibility that will support the rest. In addition to developing the spec, the committee has been very busy trying to promote awareness of both XMILE and System Dynamics. During the roundtable we will give an overview of what the specification looks like, what we have been doing to broaden reach, and, most importantly, invite discussion from participants.