Abstract for: AnyLogic 7 Multi-method simulation software

At this workshop we will introduce you to AnyLogic - the only simulation development environment that allows you to build not just System Dynamics models but also Multi-Agent and/or Discrete Event simulations. We’ll show how to combine these approaches at the same level or hierarchically into Hybrid models. We’ll demo the newest version AnyLogic 7 with enhanced support for multimethod modeling and easier creation of models using special wizards instead of writing java code. Other features to be demoed during the workshop; Using OptQuest optimizer; Saving and restoring the model state; Saving the experiment data; Exporting and using libraries; Exporting the model; Embedding AnyLogic models into your software. Attendees will be given an AnyLogic brochure and a DVD with a trial version of AnyLogic 7 for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can bring your laptop and follow the presenter, or just watch.