Abstract for: Seeking Implementation in Group Model Building Interventions

The key question addressed in this study relates to the role of group model building (GMB) in the implementation of the policies derived from a system dynamics model. After conducting literature analysis from publications in change and project management, it is concluded that even though group model building (GMB) is crucial in ensuring stakeholders’ readiness and commitment to implementation, thus satisfying the needs for the establishment of change antecedents, the technique by itself does not ensure recommended changes are actually incorporated into the organization. A new paradigm of system dynamics interventions needs to arise such that organizational theories or knowledge from other sciences are integrated into practitioners’ consultancy practices to transfer policy formulation to a more operational phase. Approaches in current change management literature along with a brand-new problem-based business model for system dynamic projects are also suggested as means of turning intention (commitment) into behavior (implementation) within organizations. The paper deals with the proposed research question as follows: the first section introduces the relationship between system dynamics, specifically of group model building (GMB), with the concept of implementation, whereas the second part is devoted to introducing change management concepts to broaden current practitioners’ perspective of change initiatives.