Abstract for: Chinese Dynasties Learning Lab II

This paper models an economy of farmers, bandits and soldiers. In addition to the economic factors affecting the economy studied by Saeed and Pavlov (2008), and the effects of two psychological factors broadly categorized as exposure to violence and group identity studied by (Saeed, Pavlov, Skorinko, Smith†), we have added to the model, the ability to review the impact of the phenomenon of collusion between soldiers and bandits, and the effects in the policies of population dynamics and policies related to changing the parameters representing the productivities and behavioral scaling factors in the economy, which has often been observed both in history and in some developing countries, and we have adding control checks for limiting collusion. We have also developed a storytelling to explain step by step, how the model was created and enriched, also we have developed an interactive presentation of the history, in iBook format for iPad and Mac, and we have created Chinese Dynasties learning lab II, that can be accessed from the web, allowing users to run the simulation easily, especially to review the impact of their decisions and to avoid as far as possible, the unintended consequences of any change, before they can be implemented in real level.