Abstract for: A System Dynamics Investigation of Employment and Production in the Fars Province Agricultural Sector

This research analyzes agricultural employment and production in Fars Province while rural areas are taken into consideration. The researcher will face with some employment problems in rural areas as a separate problem from static viewpoint. On one hand, employment in rural areas may relate to labour supply and demand and on the other hand to the social challenges such as population growth rate and emigration in a systematic model. This study aims at considering the most measurable issues related to the agricultural employment and production along with econometrics estimations in the form of a formulated System Dynamics (SD) model. The overall results indicates that the unemployment problems rooted in rural areas will be aroused in the urban areas in near future and agricultural production, per capita income, labour demand and finally employment can be affected by increasing investment in the agricultural sector. Also, the effective policy in increasing employment is cultivated lands which are increased by development modern irrigation systems and improvement in agricultural production technology.