Abstract for: The Future of Modeling and Simulation: Beyond Dynamic Complexity and the Current State of Science

After a brief introduction to the state of the art of SD modeling, we discuss recent and foreseeable innovations, and sketch a picture of what the future field of (SD) modeling and simulation could, according to us, look like. The pictures of the current state of the art, of the current state of science, and of the foreseeable state of science, and three illustrations, help us to sketch a functional road map from the current state towards that future. Implementing this road map will require the field to voluntarily reinvent itself. Since we do not know beforehand which new methods, techniques and tools will be most useful, it is clear that the innovators will have to experiment in a methodological sense. Without experimentation and innovation, we could either stay on the aimless plateau or retreat into a safe village. With experimentation and innovation, we may discover several routes into the mountains, enjoy spectacular views, and reach many high peaks.