Abstract for: Applying Existing System Dynamics Business Formulations to Model Terror Organizations

A growing body of literature has shown that terror groups in particular have similarities to organizations whose operation are recognizable to the author and the readers the firm. If terror groups and businesses are similar it would have significant implications to counter-terrorism community. It would enable the application of a broad set of existing theory (regarding the firm) to inform counter-terror policy, and possibly elucidate structures previously hidden to the decision-making communities. This paper highlights and references the public policy literature to build a case for describing terror organizations as businesses. System dynamics and system thinking models of terror and insurgency organizations are reviewed. The author develops a Vensim model using well-known system dynamics business formulations. The author then simulates the model to demonstrate logical flow and test policy. Finally, this paper outlines further development goals and a long-term research agenda for further development of the developed model.