Abstract for: Model Analysis Tools and Methods

A large portion of the SD practitioners are unaware of the model analysis tools that had been developed in the field. Moreover, the ones who know some of the previously developed tools have limited information about how to access and use them. Naturally, this seems to hinder wider utilization and further development of these tools and methods. In that respect, this workshop aims to introduce a selection of model analysis methods and tools. In doing so, the aim is to ‘demystify’ these tools and methods. Therefore, it is aimed to go beyond simply lecturing the audience about these methods, and to help them actually practice with these methods on simple models during the workshop in a hands-on manner. The whole day workshop consists of four sessions that are devoted to pattern-based model testing, multivariate sensitivity analysis, statistical screening and loop eigenvalue elasticity analysis. Note: Each of the four sessions addresses a different model analysis topic, and they can be attended separately as each session is a rounded workshop.