Abstract for: Utilization of Knowledge in Construction Projects

This study explores problem of utilizing knowledge in construction projects. Based on experiences and theoretical analysis, knowledge has not been fully utilized in general and project management environments. This gap in appropriate utilization of knowledge influences construction works too. The study aims to develop System Dynamics model to examine why gap in knowledge utilization is occurring and how it is influencing project performance. Empirical data has been gathered from three construction project cases that were implemented in Kosovo. At this stage of the study, only basic qualitative model has been developed. Study indicates that knowledge utilization systems in construction projects should be developed as explicit systems of rules and processes. Sole behavior of such systems is not possible without: continuous initiatives, leadership and mentoring capacity. Finally, embedding of ethical values in the overall project culture is another prerequisite for the successful utilization of knowledge in construction projects. The outcomes of this study are aiming to indicate to project managers, importance of managing projects by having in mind knowledge utilization as dynamic structured activity.