Abstract for: Analysis of project management processes at a Dutch public infrastructure agency using group model-building

System dynamics has been widely used for solving complex problem. The combination of system dynamics modeling process incorporates implementation or use of the model as the final process of system dynamic modeling yet implementation is always the most difficult part in any organizational changes. Implementation often becomes its own issue, client may not understand how the policy will work to solve the problem or the other possible case is consultant may not understand the underlying problem. The messy problem condition occurs in Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), one of the directorates from Ministry of Infrastructure. RWS’ duties are to develop, maintain, and operate traffic infrastructure throughout Netherland. Financial sector of organization is seen as a more obvious problem than communication problem which finally makes the organization is aware of the implicit problem. Based on the issue explained by stakeholders, GMB is seen as a suitable method to capture the problem. The primary goal is not to build the model of the system, but rather to get a group engaged in building a system dynamics model of a problem in order to see to what extent this process might be helpful to increase problem understanding and to devise courses of action to which team members will feel committed.