Abstract for: Information Science in System Dynamics: A Review of the ISDC Bibliography

The Information Science and Information Special Interest Group (iSIG) wishes to understand its domain within the context of System Dynamics and how to advance its chosen field. To this end, the System Dynamics Society’s (SDS) bibliographic database is examined for titles and keywords relating to information science within SD. The Web of Science, a popular online publication database is also examined for references to encourage future SD works. The majority of articles in the SDS database come from two sources: The System Dynamics Review and the ISDC conference programs. There is little overlap between the SDS database and the Web of Science, as the latter does not generally index conference materials. This lack of overlap may limit the visibility of the Society’s database to those individuals who already know of its existence rather than persons new to the field. There are also gaps within the Society’s current database that limit its effectiveness when searching for items in the iSIG domain, as well as other areas of interest to the SD community. Changes to the submission system process are recommended to capture more meta-data and abstracts to increase the value of the database to the public.