Abstract for: Scriptapedia 5.0: A Tool for Designing “Scripted” Group Model Building Workshops

This workshop introduces participants to Scriptapedia 5.0, a database application for designing scripted GMB workshops. Scriptapedia 5.0 is a free Filemaker Pro based tool that runs on both Mac OS X and Windows platforms containing over 40 documented scripts and sample agendas for GMB sessions. Scriptapedia allows users to design single and multiple session GMB workshops; develop detailed agendas with workshop timings; produce facilitation manuals for GMB teams; adapt and tailor agendas and scripts; generate workshop evaluation instruments; and, export GMB workshops and scripts to Word documents for more customized formatting. Participants will also get an introduction to the design philosophy underlying scripted GMB workshops and how to use Scriptapedia to design GMB workshops. Participants will be given a copy of Scriptapedia 5.0 and given a “hands on” opportunity to walk through the design of a GMB workshop illustrating some of its key features, including the creation and submission of new scripts.