Abstract for: Machine Strategy Evaluation Using System Dynamics Group Model Building

Modelling projects, in order to build richer understanding of the dynamics of real-world phenomena in manufacturing systems, benefit from utilizing System dynamics group model building. This paper describes such project utilizing such method in order to identify the interrelated dynamics of aging machinery equipment, competence development, and level of automation for accurate manufacturing systems development. These central aspects were identified by the project group during modelling and were considered vital in order to approach the proper Machine Strategy for the system of interest. Aspects of attention in the study also considered participantsí learning of the system of interest, participantsí perception upon model results, and the comparison between utilizing group model building and the traditional modeller-client approach. It is shown that System dynamics group model building has potential use in manufacturing, and indeed that more efforts are needed for successful use in projects. For that reason the need of a framework for supporting system dynamics projects in manufacturing is identified. Keywords: system dynamics, group model building, manufacturing system