Abstract for: A System Dynamics Model for Analyzing the International Diffusion of Emerging Climate Change Mitigation Technologies

Developing countries are rapidly increasing their emissions of greenhouse gases, which can have serious adverse effects on climate change mitigation efforts. The international diffusion of Climate Change Mitigation Technologies (CCMTs) can help changing this trend. However, the international diffusion of CCMTs poses difficult coordination challenges for developed and developing nations as this confronts them with hard to solve economic and environmental dilemmas. Therefore it has become essential to understand under which circumstances CCMTs can be adopted by both developed and developing countries. This paper describes a system dynamics model that takes into consideration several technological and macroeconomic processes for modeling the international diffusion of CCMTs. The behavioral analysis of this model provides insights on the importance of considering the technological potential of CCMTs and the economic differences among developed and developing countries in assessing the likelihood of stabilizing international CO2 emissions at safe environmental levels. Keywords: climate change mitigation technologies, developing countries, international climate technology policies, technological uncertainties.