Abstract for: To host a conference with short arrangement time

Recently, many countries and regions are trying to attract international conference. Conference participants are generally many. Big parties or other activities which cannot be offered to individual travellers can be held. In addition, conference participants can use money and experience real service and atmosphere directly. Good reputation of them can attract next prospective visitors. This kind of effects stimulates people to hold a conference even without sufficient resources. International conferences naturally require various resources. The most important and rigid resource is time. One of authors hosted an international conference in February 2014 with short arrangement time. Irrespective of arrangement duration, hosts must succeed in holding conference. This article shows the process from collecting papers to starting conference in a system dynamics model style. Each conference in future can be different in detailed condition; however, the model presented in this article can show points of which hosts should be aware. In particular, the meaning of time limit is shown by simulations. Conference hosts can be tempted to extend deadlines in order to gather more participants; however, it defeats its own purpose.