Abstract for: Combining group decision support systems and system dynamics to create strategic statements

The present research evaluate a Multi-method approach combining GDSS and System Dynamics as tool to support the effective the strategic planning process in the formulation of strategic statements. It is agree that organizations need clear and effective strategies to compete in a dynamic world. These strategies are summarized in strategic statements that include not only the organizations' goals but also the means they find relevant to achieve those goals. Unfortunately, many organizations present discrepancy between their strategic statements and they daily decisions. Because, the strategic analysis is often focus on issues (goals, problems, opportunities and threats) set up by the C.E.O or the planning department, top management teams (TMT) often perceive the strategic statements are disconnected of the real issues of the organization. In consequence, most of organizationsí strategic statements do not represent what organization actually does. This paper evaluates a study case using a modification of the scripts of Ackerman et.al.(2010) to combine GDSS and System Dynamics in the process of formulate strategic statements . The results show the combination of SODA and System Dynamics contributes to create consensus about the strategic goals and give the top management team value insights bout the dynamic of the organization.