Proceedings of the
34th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society*
Delft, Netherlands -- July 17-21, 2016

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Abdelgawad, Ahmed with Jaziar Radianti, Mikael Snaprud and John Krogstie   Disabled People from Welfare to Jobs: An Interactive Learning Environment Experimental Investigation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Abdolabadi, Hamid with Mojtaba Ardestani, Amin Sarang and John Little   Developing a simple dynamic simulation model of phosphorus in Lake Ontario   Abstract Paper Supporting

Akkermans, Henk with Roeland van Oers, Christopher Voss and Quan Zhu   Never the twain shall meet? Simulating Sales & Operations Planning ramp-up dynamics in IT-enabled service supply chains   Abstract Paper

Akkermans, Henk   Business tsunami: in between black swans and little white lies   Abstract

Aktas, Gizem with Nefel Tellioglu, Yaman Barlas and Hakan Yasarcan   Modeling the Long Term Dynamics of Obesity as a Societal Epidemic   Abstract Paper Supporting

Alglawe, Asama with Andrea Schiffauerova and Onur Kuzgunkaya   A system dynamics approach to model cost of quality in a supply chain   Abstract Paper

Alias, Emmy Farha with Fatimah Arshad   Bio-economic model for paddy and rice industry: A case study from Malaysia   Abstract

Andalib Ardakani, Davood with Vahideh Eslamieh   Designing the green new product development model: system dynamics approach (Case study: small and medium food industries)   Abstract Paper

Anderson, Edward with Burcu Tan   On Modeling Contested Markets with Endogenous Growth   Abstract Supporting

Angarita-Zapata, Juan   Structural policies to address induced travel demand by road construction   Abstract Paper

Ansah, John with Chi-Tsun Chiu, Victoria Koh, Coy Lye Chei and David Matchar   Projecting the number of elderly with Cognitive Impairment in China by 2060 using a multi-state dynamic population model   Abstract

Armenia, Stefano with Camillo Carlini, Georgios Tsaples and Claudia Volpetti   A System Dynamics approach to public transportation strikes and travelers’ behavior in the city of Rome   Abstract Paper

Auping, Willem with Erik Pruyt, Sijbren de Jong and Jan Kwakkel   Simulating the Impact of Climate Mitigation Policies on Social Unrest in Rentier States   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bafandeh Zendeh, Alireza with Samad Ali, Farzad Adelzadeh and Masoud Askarnia   System Dynamics Methodology to Customer Loyalty (Case Study: Internet Service Provider Company)   Abstract Paper

Bahaddin, Babak with Felippe Cronemberger   A dynamic model on the effect of Police Pacifying Units in Rio de Janeiro   Abstract

Bakken, Bent Erik with Onur Ozgun   In Sum, Nations Will Likely Fulfill Their Pledges to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Stock-and-Flow-Based View   Abstract Paper

Barazandeh, Babak with Mohammadhussein Rafieisakhaei, Amirbahador Moosavi Hosseini and Kaveh Bastani   Effect of Localization on the Car Market Under Intense Sanctions; a System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Bardi, Ugo   The Hubbert game: a simple board game to teach the dynamics of resource depletion   Abstract Paper

Bastan, Mahdi with Sareh Akbarpour and Ali Mohammad Ahmadvand   Business Dynamics of Iranian Commercial Banks   Abstract Paper

Bastan, Mahdi with Sareh Akbarpour and Saeid Delshad Sisi   Organizational Demographic Management: A System Dynamics Model   Abstract Paper

Bastan, Mahdi with Mohammad Bagheri Mazrae and Ali Mohammad Ahmadvand   Dynamics of banking soundness based on CAMELS rating system   Abstract Paper

Bastan, Mahdi with Saeid Delshad Sisi, Zahra Nikoonezhad and Ali Mohammad Ahmadvand   Sustainable Development Analysis of Agriculture Using System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bean, Michael   Technology to Construct Models without Direct Assistance from Modeling Experts   Abstract

Benitez-Avila, Camilo A. with Mónica Altamirano   Effectiveness of collaborative modeling for promoting green climate change adaptation measures in the setting of Public-Private   Abstract Supporting

Black, Laura   From situated action to model abstraction—and back again   Abstract Paper

Booyens, Danie with Nalini Sooknanan Pillay and Corne Du Plooy   Long Term Role of Coal in the Generation Supply Mix   Abstract

Brzezina, Natalia with Andreas Gerber and Erik Mathijs   Organic farming as policy to address vulnerabilities of the prevailing European food system based on conventional agriculture?   Abstract Paper

Cafe, Patricia with Luciano Fonseca and Ricardo Chaim   Goods and Services Tax Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Camacho, Oscar with Andrew Hill   A System Dynamics approach for assessing health effect impact as a result of launching a new nicotine product in a market   Abstract Paper Supporting

Carnohan, Shane with Nicole Zimmermann and Etiënne Rouwette   Integrating GMB and Games in the Built Environment   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Carvalho, Hamilton with Joaquim Santos, Marcelo Ramos Martins, Eduardo Franco and José Mazzon   Going with the flow: corruption in tax agencies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Carvalho, Hamilton with Joaquim Santos, Marcelo Ramos Martins, Eduardo Franco and José Mazzon   Zombies in Civil Service: Why the conceptual edifice of public administration creates a motivational trap in Brazil   Abstract Paper Supporting

Castaneda, Monica with Maritza Jimenez, Sebastián Zapata Ramirez, Carlos Franco Cardona and Isaac Dyner   Myths and realities of the utility death spiral   Abstract

Cavana, Robert with Vicky Forgie, Marjan van den Belt, Alvaro Romera, Keming Wang, John Cody and Chris Browne   Power and influence: developing a political archetype at an Australasian systems workshop   Abstract Paper

Cave, Siôn with John Peters and Alison Gray   Simulation and analysis to support decision making in the treatment and handling of radioactive waste   Abstract Paper Supporting

Cave, Siôn with Andrew Woodward and Graham Willis   A retrospective of System Dynamics based workforce modelling at the Centre for Workforce Intelligence   Abstract Paper

Chia, Eng Seng with Dongyu Li, Xutong Ma, Jixi Wang, Yiting Wang and Jiaxu Zhu   Sustainable Development of Indonesian’s Agricultural Sector   Abstract Paper Supporting

Chia, Eng Seng with Jia Yan, Li Chenxi, Li Yulu, Liao Manbo and Zhang Xiaoqi   An Analysis of Population Policies in China   Abstract Paper Supporting

Chichakly, Karim   Hierarchical Behavioral Decomposition of Complex Problems   Abstract Paper

Chung, Chang-Kwon with Ryeong Ji Park and Sehee Oh   Policy Resistance Case Study on Government’s Intervention in Conflict between Big-box stores and Traditional market in Korea   Abstract Paper

Clancy, Timothy   Art of War: Modeling Combat Simulators in System Dynamics   Abstract Supporting

Clancy, Timothy   Dynamics of ISIS - An Emerging State Actor   Abstract Paper Supporting

Clancy, Timothy   Containing ISIS: Analysis of Intervention Policies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Clifford-Holmes, Jai with Sharon Pollard, Fabio Diaz Pabon, Theodore York, Willem Jonker, Harry Biggs, Kundai Chihambakwe and Jill Slinger   Resilient by design: a modelling approach to support scenario and policy analysis in the Olifants River Basin, South Africa   Abstract Paper

Collste, David   Policy Coherence and Integration to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals   Abstract

Costa, Otávio with Joaquim Santos, Marcelo Ramos Martins and Hugo Yoshida Yoshizaki   A System Dynamics Analysis of Humanitarian Logistics Coordination   Abstract Supporting

Cronemberger, Felippe with Babak Bahaddin, Edward Pavur and Rod MacDonald   Risks and opportunities of a training policy implementation a system dynamics perspective   Abstract

de Gooyert, Vincent   Nothing so practical as a good theory, Five ways to use system dynamics for theoretical contributions   Abstract Paper

de Jong, Eline with Hubert Korzilius   Instruction matters: Teaching high school students system dynamics   Abstract

De Marco, Alberto with Carlo Rafele and Giovanni Zenezini   System Dynamics Group Modeling: An Educational Perspective   Abstract Paper

De Tuya, Manuel with Eliot Rich   The Dynamics of Information Sharing: A First Step to Fight Urban Blight   Abstract Paper

Diran, Devin   An Economic, Environmental and Sustainability Assessment of a Large Scale Biofuel Industry in Suriname   Abstract Paper Supporting

Du Plooy, Corne with Nalini Sooknanan Pillay   Unpredictability of Demineralized Water Production due to the Random Nature of Key Simulator Variables   Abstract Paper

Duggan, Jim   A Disaggregated Bass Diffusion Model using R   Abstract

Ebrahimi, Maryam   Policy Making in a Renewable Energy Manufacturing SME Using System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Ebrahimi, Maryam   Technology scenario planning with system multi methodology: In the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company   Abstract Paper

Effendi, Yola with Bramka Arga Jafino and Erik Pruyt   On Palm Oil and Deforestation in Borneo: A Step-Wise Model-Based Policy Analysis   Abstract Paper Supporting

Eker, Sibel with Nicole Zimmermann   Understanding the Mechanisms behind Fragmentation in the Housing Construction and Retrofit   Abstract Paper

Elbattah, Mahmoud with Owen Molloy   The Economic Burden of Hip Fractures among Elderly Patients in Ireland: A Combined Perspective of System Dynamics and ML   Abstract Paper Supporting

Elmasry, Aly with Andreas Groessler   Modularity in System Dynamics: representing closed-loop supply chain configurations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Espin, Paola with Franziska Meinherz and Robinson Stevens Salazar Rua   When stakeholders cannot be involved in a modelling process: Integrating participatory modelling and consultative approaches   Abstract Paper

Fazeli, Reza with Brynhildur Davidsdottir   Correlation Between Rebound Effect and Household Income   Abstract Paper

Fisher, Diana   Lessons Learned From a Failed Experiment: A Very Brief Introduction of System Dynamics Modeling in Two Algebra II Classes   Abstract Paper Supporting

Follador, Roberto with Luis Trabasso   Knowledge management model for a flight test environment   Abstract Paper

Ford, David with Bruce Keith   A Dynamic Feedback Theory of Community Recovery from Shock Events   Abstract Supporting

Franco, Eduardo with Joaquim Santos, Kechi Hirama, Marcelo Ramos Martins and Hamilton Carvalho   An Analysis of Technical Debt Management Through Resources Allocation Policies in Software Maintenance Process   Abstract Paper Supporting

Frannek, Lukas with Haruko Nagaoka   Network Simplification and Visualization through System Dynamics-based Network Centrality   Abstract Paper

Giedziella, Felix with Grit Walther   An Integrated Decision Support System Regarding Interdependencies Between Time-to-Market and Market Diffusion under Competition   Abstract

Glass-Husain, William   Integrating System Dynamics Models with Online Python-based Analytics   Abstract Paper

Gloeser, Simon   Modeling material flows, cumulative material demand and market dynamics of industrial metals within a system dynamics framework   Abstract Paper

Gomez, Jonathan with Patrick Jochem and Wolf Fichtner   Car Technology Market Evolution and Emissions Impacts - An Example of Energy Policy Scenarios under Uncertainty   Abstract Paper

Goncalves, Paulo with Simplice Kamdem   Evidence-Based Policy Design for HIV/AIDS Response Programs in Côte   Abstract

Gonzalez, Jose with Konstantin Lenchik   The Economics of Cybersecurity: Boomerang Effects from Misaligned Incentives   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gottschamer, Larry   Technological Lock in and Implications for an Energy Transition   Abstract

Grace, William   The Role of Exports in Regional Economies A System Dynamics model of the Western Australian economy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Groesser, Stefan with Stefan Beisswenger   The Impact of Technical Debt and Organizational Maturity on Software Maintenance Productivity   Abstract  Link from authors

Groesser, Stefan with Norman Wunderle   Improving Managerial Decision-Making: Molecules about Decision Biases and First Application   Abstract  Link from authors

Groesser, Stefan   Developing a Smart Electricity Market: Systemic interventions in the Swiss Smart Electricity Distribution Grid   Abstract  Link from authors

Guran, Seniha Zeynep with Hakan Yasarcan   The Shifting the Burden Archetype: A Workforce and Task Backlog Management Game   Abstract Paper

Han, Charles   The Fear Management Model: Building an Integrative Fear Appeal Theory through System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Handel, Oliver with Max Kleemann   New Scripts for Group Model Building – Online Questionnaires and Open Loops   Abstract Paper

Handel, Oliver with André Borrmann   Combining Agent-Based Modelling and System Dynamics: Hybrid modelling in the scope of artificial intelligence   Abstract

Hartvigsson, Elias with Erik Ahlgren, Jimmy Ehnberg and Sverker Molander   Using system dynamics for long term bottom-up electric load modeling in rural electrification   Abstract Paper

Herrera, Daniel with Inge Bleijenbergh   Cutting the Loops of Depression: a System Dynamics Representation of the Feedback Mechanisms Involved in Depression Development   Abstract Paper

Herrera, Hugo   Sustainable energy transition and climate change vulnerabilities: a resilience perspective   Abstract Paper

Herrera, Hugo   What if you catch a black swan? Public policy design for climate change adaptation   Abstract Paper

Herrera, Hugo   Resilience for whom? Problem structuring in the analysis of resilience for climate change adaptation   Abstract Paper

Hesan, Reza with Erik Pruyt   A Hybrid Modeling Method: Combining System Dynamics Modeling with Agent Based Modeling   Abstract

Hillen, Stefanie   Inclusion on a systemic level and its influence on teachers’ expectations   Abstract Paper

Horschig, Thomas with Daniela Thran   Political Power-Play at its best – the case study of biomethane in Germany   Abstract Paper

Houghton, James   Lessons from software testing for developing behavioral tests of dynamic models   Abstract Paper

Houghton, James with Michael Siegel, Mohammad Jalali, Allan Campbell and Dennis Fialho   The Impact of Sales-practice Startup Dynamics on Sales-force Productivity   Abstract Paper Supporting

Howick, Susan   Using system dynamics with other modelling methods: client benefits and reactions   Abstract

Hubik, Tomas with Jakub Drmola   Kessler Syndrome: System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Iakovleva, Nadezda with Michael Bastiani, Jasper Tanis and Arnaud Burgess   Impact Assessment Model for Sustainable City Logistics Solutions   Abstract

Jafino, Bramka Arga with Pedram Soltani and Erik Pruyt   Saving Lives and Time: Tackling Transportation Induced Air Pollution in Jakarta (Lupina Award Winner)    Abstract Paper Supporting

Jandt, Daniel with Katja Laurischkat   Understanding the interplay between exploration and exploitation in the data-driven servitization of manufacturing firms   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kamath, Vasanth with Seena Biju   A System Dynamics Based Strategic Planning Model for a Rural Indian Milk Dairy   Abstract

Kapmeier, Florian with Roland Maximilian Happach and Meike Tilebein   Bathtub Dynamics Revisited: Disclosing Traces of Déformation Professionelle in Higher Education   Abstract

Kapmeier, Florian with Paulo Goncalves   Wasted Paradise - Imagining the Maldives Without the Garbage Island of Thilafushi   Abstract Paper Supporting

Karl, Christian   System Dynamics Libraries - An approach to develop modular-oriented simulation models   Abstract Paper

Kasiralvalad, Ehsan with Mahdi Bastan, Hadi Abniki and Ali Mohammad Ahmadvand   Simulation Analysis of Brain Drain in Iran using System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Kaynak, Duygu with Rhythima Shinde   Analysis of the Turkish Education System: A System Dynamics Approach on Dropouts and Deficiencies in Job Market   Abstract Paper Supporting

Keith, David with Sergey Naumov   Driving The Future: A Management Flight Simulator of the Market for Alternative Fuel Vehicles   Abstract

Keith, David with Shishir Tiwari   Do Interactive Management Flight Simulators Lead to Superior Learning Outcomes? An Experiment Using Amazon Mechanical Turk   Abstract

Khan, Aima with Pål Davidsen and Muhammad Azeem Qureshi   Maximizing Owner’s wealth under uncertainty and volatility: A system dynamics approach using evidence from Norwegian Oil Sector   Abstract Paper

Kleemann, Max   Misconceptions regarding the self-attenuation of residential energy retrofitting policies? – Validation via disaggregation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kleemann, Max   Practical tools for Group Model Building   Abstract Paper

Klein, Raphael with Jill Slinger and Sjoerd Meeuwsen   Strategies in an uncertain world: A Systems Dynamics analysis of different flood protection strategies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kornevs, Maksims with Nicole Kringos and Sebastiaan Meijer   Using Q Methodology for Developing a SD Model. A Case Study of Modelling Perspectives on Road Procurement in Sweden   Abstract

Kreidler, Anja with Meike Tilebein   Modeling the Dynamic Aspects of Team Diversity – A Comparison of System Dynamics and Agent-based Modeling   Abstract Paper

Krejci, Igor with Jan Rydval and Tereza Horakova   Dynamic of Fixed Capital – Different Points of View   Abstract Paper

Kunte, Shreenivas with Om Damani   Exploring Harrod Domar and Solow Models of Economic Growth   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lee, Bogyoeng with Hyun-Soo Lee and Moonseo Park   Modeling Laborer's Group Learning Processes in Construction   Abstract Paper

Lee, Ji-Uhn with Jun-Hee Park, EunSuk Park, Hanna Lee, Yu-Gil Song, Young-Min Noh and Eun-Kyoung Yun   What Make Mothers to Touch the Finish Line of Breastfeeding?; Using System Thinking   Abstract

Libby, Bradd with Alexander Christiansen   An Assessment of the Coupled Hydrology and Management of Northern Thailand’s Water Resources in Extreme Climate Conditions   Abstract Paper Supporting

Liu, Xiaojing with Tiru Arthanari   A system dynamics model for managing corruption risks in dairy supply chains   Abstract Paper

Liz, Manuel   System Dynamics and Process Philosophy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Liz, Manuel with Margarita Vazquez   Bounded Rationality in System Dynamics: Expanding the Perspective   Abstract Paper

Lopez, Martin   Interactions between Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the Land Use Sector: a Dynamic Approach   Abstract Paper

Lounsbury, David with Shannon Gwin Mitchell, Zhi Li, Robert Schwartz, Jan Gryczynski, Arethusa Kirk, Marla Oros, Colleen Hosler, Kristi Dusek, Barry Brown   Application of system dynamics modeling to inform implementation of adolescent SBIRT implementation in primary care settings   Abstract Paper Supporting

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Charles Macal   Understanding the Dynamics of the Criminal Justice System   Abstract

Mashayekhi, Ali with Milad Mousavian Hejazi, Hamed Ganjavi and Sina Sedaghat   Evaluation of FiT policy effects on sustainable development of renewable energies in Iran; A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

McGregor, Marion with Mark Fillery and Chadwick Chung   Utilizing the Beer Game to Rethink the Organization of Interdisciplinary Research   Abstract

McGregor, Marion with Alexandra Nielsen, Chadwick Chung, Mark Fillery, Wayne Wakeland and Silvano Mior   A System Dynamics Model of Opioid Use for Chronic Non-Malignant Pain Incorporating Complementary and Alternative Care   Abstract Supporting

Mehmet, Sema with Hakan Yasarcan   The Analysis of Characteristic Dynamics of Stock Management Structure with a First Order Supply Line Delay   Abstract Paper

Moallemi, Enayat with Lu Aye, Fjalar de Haan and John Webb   Policy Analysis of Renewable Electricity Development in India: From A Transition Modelling Perspective   Abstract Paper

Mollona, Edoardo with Kerstin Neumann and Jeffrey Reuer   Interdependent Governance Mechanisms and Performance Feedback in Strategic Alliances   Abstract Supporting

Morrison, J. Bradley with Robert Wears   Why Patient Assignment and Teamwork in the Emergency Department is Challenging: A Simple Stock and Flow Insight   Abstract

Mosterd, Lars with Bart Hutten   How to cope with the European migrant crisis? Exploring the effects of the migrant influx in Bayern, Germany   Abstract Paper Supporting

Murshed, Syed Monjur with Ute Werner   A System dynamics approach to assess economic impacts of extreme winter storms in forestry   Abstract Paper

Musango, Josephine with Paul Currie and Alan Brent   Implication of urbanisation on electricity provision in African cities: A system dynamics approach   Abstract

Nava Guerrero, Graciela del Carmen with Philipp Schwarz and Jill Slinger   A recent overview of the integration of System Dynamics and Agent-based Modelling and Simulation   Abstract Paper

Navarrete, Andrea with Camilo Olaya and Juliana Gomez-Quintero   To Legislate or not to Legislate? That is the Question: How Legislative Inflation Boosts Prison Overcrowding (Best Poster Award Winner)    Abstract Paper

Nevison, John   The Pond Primeval: Phosphorous and Oxygen in Walden Pond   Abstract Paper

Nevison, John with Karim Chichakly   Effective Corrective Action: The initial/envelope model for manageing projects   Abstract Paper Supporting

Olaya, Camilo with Juliana Gomez-Quintero   Conceptualization of Social Systems: Actors First   Abstract Paper

Onsel, Nisa with Yaman Barlas and Gönenç Yucel   Evaluating the Preventive Treatments for Aging Populations in terms of Financial Sustainability of Health Systems   Abstract

Papachristos, George with Scott Cunningham   Technology competition in fast paced environments: Path dependence and competition in Formula 1 1970-2013   Abstract Supporting

Paul, Siddhartha with Jayendran Venkateswaran   Inventory Management in Response to an Unfolding Epidemic   Abstract Paper

Perez Salazar, Gloria with Araceli Ortega Diaz and Gerardo Gutierrez Lopez   Natural Disasters and Poverty: Understanding the Systemic Complexity   Abstract Paper

Perissi, Ilaria with Ugo Bardi, Alessandro Lavacchi and Toufic El Asmar   The decline of fisheries in Japan described by a simple dynamic model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Perl, Ivan with Robert Ward   sdCloud: Cloud-based computation environment for System Dynamics models   Abstract Paper

Polojarvi, Dana Ilmari   System Dynamics in the Traditional Humanities Survey: Engendering Perceptions of Relevance in a Field Under Threat Through Use   Abstract Paper

Porter, Nella   Exploring Uninsured Options under Budget Constraint   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Prusty, Santosh with Pratap Mohapatra    Modeling Judgment and Decision Making Process Using System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pruyt, Erik with Bartel Van de Walle   On Model-Based Decision-Support for Humanitarian Response and Development Aid: Making a Difference with Modelling & Simulation   Abstract Supporting

Pruyt, Erik with Willem Auping, Philipp Schwarz, Jan Kwakkel and Tushith Islam   On addressing grand challenges and complex issues: dealing with more than just dynamic complexity   Abstract

Pruyt, Erik with Tushith Islam   On the Spot and On the Map: Real-Time Interactive Model-Based Decision Support Under Deep Uncertainty   Abstract

Puvvala, Abhinay with Veerendra Rai and Rutuja Patil   A Metrics Analysis Framework for IT Service Management   Abstract Paper

Qian, Ying with Sha Zhu, Hans-Rolf Vetter and Bo Hu   Model Based Study of Higher Education of Engineers   Abstract Paper

Qudrat-Ullah, Hassan   Improving Decision Making and Learning in Dynamic Tasks Through Structured Debriefing-based Interactive Learning Environments   Abstract Paper

Radulovic, Ivan with Toine Bartelet and Anahi Lopez Guerrero   Modeling Sustainability of Mass Tourism in Lisbon   Abstract

Rafieisakhaei, Mohammadhussein with Babak Barazandeh, Amirbahador Moosavi Hosseini, Masoud Fekri and Kaveh Bastani   Supply and Demand Dynamics of the Oil Market: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Rafieisakhaei, Mohammadhussein with Babak Barazandeh, Amirbahador Moosavi Hosseini, Masoud Fekri and Kaveh Bastani   Modeling Dynamics of the Carbon Market: A System Dynamics Approach on the CO2 Emissions and its Connections to the Oil Market   Abstract Paper

Rahmandad, Hazhir with MohammadMahdi Hashemian   Endogenous Capability Building And Start-Up Advantage In Creating New Markets   Abstract Supporting

Reineke, Emily with Rebecca Niles, Kristina Wile, Rod MacDonald, David Andersen, Deepal Doshi, Andrew Jones and Anand Desai   Meeting the Challenge of Global Climate Change: NASPAA’s 2nd Student Simulation Competition   Abstract  Link from authors

Richards, Russell with Carl Smith and Novie Setianto   SESAMME: An iPad application for participatory systems modelling   Abstract Paper

Rockart, Scott   Bolder, Better, Brighter: Toward an integrated view of the differential growth rates and sizes of firms   Abstract Supporting

Rodiqi, Ilir   Modeling the Digital Camera Use   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rodriguez, Luz-Angélica with Enrique Escalante and Lorena Reyes Rubiano   From Recoverers to Recycling Organization, Socio-Economic and Environmental Considerations on Residential Waste Management   Abstract Supporting

Rumeser, David with Margaret Emsley   Key Success Factors in Implementing System Dynamics in Project Management: Coping with lack of understanding and trust   Abstract Paper

Rydzak, Felicjan with Paul Monus   Implementing strategic insights to transform operations performance in large organizations   Abstract Paper

Ryzhenkov, Alexander   Endogenous Industrial Cycles in a Reshaped “Neoclassical” Model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schaffernicht, Martin with Stefan Groesser   Mental model comparison: current methodic challenges and advances   Abstract

Schoenenberger, Lukas with Alexander Schmid, John Ansah and Markus Schwaninger   The challenge of model complexity: improving the interpretation of large causal models through variety filters   Abstract Supporting

Schwarz, Philipp with Erik Pruyt   Modelling and simulation the Zika Outbreak under Deep Uncertainty: A Multi-Method Multi-Resolution Approach   Abstract Paper

Scolozzi, Rocco with Uta Schirpke   Insight Maker(S) To Support The Management Of Protected Areas And Related Ecosystem Services: Examples For Recreational Value   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Sederel, Charlotte with Inge Bleijenbergh   Refugees' Psychological Wellbeing and their Integration: a System Dynamics Perspective   Abstract

Shepherd, Simon with Paul Pfaffenbichler and Christiane Bielefeldt   Drivers of long distance travel in Europe – a system dynamics approach   Abstract

Sibeko, Nombuso with Corne Du Plooy and Nalini Sooknanan Pillay   Application of System Dynamics to Project Prioritisation   Abstract Paper

Sohofi, Alireza with Ani Melkonyan, Christian Karl and Klaus Krumme   System Archetypes in the Conceptualization Phase of Water-Energy-Food Nexus Modeling   Abstract Paper

Song, Yu-Gil with Eun-Kyoung Yun, Jun-Hee Park, Ji-Uhn Lee, Young-Min Noh and Hanna Lee   Prediction Model for Unplanned Self Extubation of Intensive Care Unit Patients Using System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Supporting

Sovilj, Siniša with Martin Kunc and Zoran Aralica   Business Simulation Environment: A Case Study for Business Schools and Startup Accelerators   Abstract Paper Supporting

Stamboulis, Yeoryios   Dynamics of transition to universal tax-funded pension system   Abstract Paper Supporting

Stave, Krystyna with Nicole Zimmermann and Hyunjung Kim   Exploring the Nature of Insight in System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Stephens, Craig with Matthias Mueller, Alan Graham and Andreas Harbig   Innovating and Inventing for Sustainable Cities: a Tale of Three Incongruities   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Sterman, John   The Paris Climate Agreement: Do models matter? What must we now do?   Abstract

Strohhecker, Jürgen with Michael Leyer   Intelligence and (Mis)Understanding of Accumulation as Explaining Factors of Stock Management Failures   Abstract

Struik, Mieke with Femke Sickler and Erik Pruyt   Identification and Registration of Refugees: Model-Based Planning at the Dutch Police   Abstract Paper Supporting

Suprun, Emiliya with Oz Sahin, Rodney Stewart and Kriengsak Panuwatwanich   A Systemic Approach to Conceptualising a Model of Construction Innovation System in Russia   Abstract Paper Supporting

Takahashi, Yutaka with Nobuhide Tanaka   Strategic Decision Support for Startup Company Using System Dynamics: an online startup company’s case   Abstract Paper Supporting

Thaller, Carina   A System Dynamics Approach for Assessing the Development of the CEP market in Urban Areas   Abstract Paper

Trailer, Jeff with Laura Black, Don Greer and Jaymes Clements   System Dynamics Group Model Building: Solution to the Implementation Challenges in Hospital Patient-Safety Systems and Process   Abstract

Tuovinen, Joona   The Dynamics of Product Commonality: implications of the circular causality between product and firm structures (Best Poster Award Winner)    Abstract Paper Supporting

Vaishnav, Chintan with Sarah Nolet   Avoiding Worse-Before-Better Dynamics In Transitioning From Chemical To Organic Farming   Abstract Paper Supporting

van Arensbergen, Pleun with Monic Lansu and Inge Bleijenbergh   Does it work everywhere? Group Model Building as participative method in intercultural perspective   Abstract Paper Supporting

van den Berg, Alexandra with Hakan Yasarcan   A Conceptual Feedback Model of Performance Dynamics   Abstract Paper

van Kersbergen, Ruben with Cornelia van Daalen, Catherine Chiong Meza and Edwin Horlings   The Impact of Career and Funding Policies on the Academic Workforce in The Netherlands: A System Dynamics based Promotion Chain   Abstract Paper

Veldhuis, Guido with Thomas Logtens, Nicolaas de Reus, Georg Pallaske and Shane Carnohan   The application of modelling and simulation in support of operational decision making during land operations   Abstract Paper

Venkateswaran, Jayendran with Siddhartha Paul   Modeling New Product Diffusion under Uncertainty   Abstract Paper Supporting

Voigt, Erich Alexander with Florian Kapmeier   A mismatch between aspirations and reality: Why are we letting Black Swans pass us by?   Abstract

Volpetti, Claudia with Stefano Armenia, Dario Fiore, Vanessa Armendariz and Alberto Atzori   Meeting Urban Food Needs: Food Supply and Distribution Systems as Complex Systems   Abstract Paper

Voyer, John with Martin Schelasin and Haleigh O’Donnell   A System Dynamics Analysis of a Business Incubator: The New England Ocean Cluster House   Abstract Paper

Walters, Jeffrey with Benjamin Greiner, Emily O'Morrow and Bernard Amadei   Using Group Model Building to teach student teams systems thinking for more sustainable Engineers Without Borders USA projects (Barry Richmond Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Warren, Kim   Main-stream System Dynamics   Abstract

Wheat, David   Endogenous Money   Abstract  Link from authors

Xia, Menglin with Jici Fan, Bramka Arga Jafino and Erik Pruyt   Model-based Exploration of the Feasibility of China’s Climate Change Ambitions   Abstract Paper

Yamaguchi, Kaoru with Yokei Yamaguchi   The Heads and Tails of Money Creation and its System Design Failures -- Toward the Alternative System Design   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yamashita, Takayuki   A System Dynamics Approach to Regional Income Disparities   Abstract Paper

Zapata Ramirez, Sebastián with Monica Castaneda, Maritza Jimenez, Carlos Franco Cardona and Isaac Dyner   100% Renewables in power generation   Abstract

Zenezini, Giovanni with Maliheh Ghajargar, Eleonora Fiore and Alberto De Marco   The Smart Home Services Diffusion Process: A System Dynamics Model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zerzuben, Pascal with Stefan Groesser   Dynamic Data Visualization to Improve Managerial Decision-Making: The Dynamic Portfolio Matrix Tool (DPMT)   Abstract  Link from authors

Zimmermann, Nicole with Lai Fong Chiu, Yekatherina Bobrova and Zaid Chalabi   Endogenous transformation of exogenous effects in a system dynamics model of heating, ventilation and rebound   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zock, Alexander   Irrelevance, irrationality and irresponsibility, the three curses of the organizational use of System Dynamics   Abstract

Zolfagharian, Mohammadreza with Georges Romme and Bob Walrave   The why, when and how of combining system dynamics with other methods: An evidence-based framework   Abstract Supporting


Bean, Michael   Creating Interactive Simulations Online with Forio Epicenter   Abstract  Link from authors

Duggan, Jim   System Dynamics Modeling with R   Abstract

Eberlein, Robert with Karim Chichakly and William Schoenberg   Getting Started with Stella Professional   Abstract

Eberlein, Robert with Karim Chichakly and William Schoenberg   Managing Complexity with Stella Professional   Abstract

Eberlein, Robert with Karim Chichakly and William Schoenberg   Getting Started with Stella Designer   Abstract

Fiddaman, Thomas with Larry Yeager   Hands-on Entity Based System Dynamics with Ventity   Abstract  Link from authors

Fiddaman, Thomas with Larry Yeager   Getting Started with Vensim   Abstract  Link from authors

Fiddaman, Thomas with Larry Yeager   Optimization & Calibration in Vensim   Abstract

Fisher, Diana   Teaching Students to Create Original Models in a Ten-Week Course   Abstract

Fisher, Diana   Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling for Math and Science Instruction: Online Professional Development Opportunity   Abstract  Link from authors

Kapmeier, Florian   World Climate and C-ROADS Training   Abstract  Link from authors

Koltchanov, Vladimir   Multi method modeling and simulation with AnyLogic 7   Abstract Paper Supporting

Malczynski, Leonard   Feedback Rich Model Construction   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio   System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool (SDM-Doc)   Abstract  Link from authors

Pruyt, Erik with Philipp Schwarz, Reza Hesan and Bas Keijser   Hybrid Modelling and Simulation in Anysim and Python   Abstract

Ros, Arjen with Michel Kuijer   Exploring and Managing the Dynamic Behavior of Technical Systems during their Life Cycle   Abstract Paper

Rydzak, Felicjan with Piotr Magnuszewski and Paul Monus   Experiential Learning Environments as a Means for Transformation   Abstract Paper

Warren, Kim with Christopher Spencer and Christina Spencer   Getting started with the Sysdea online modeling software   Abstract  Link from authors

Warren, Kim with Christina Spencer and Christopher Spencer   Masterclass: Agile modeling for fast, effective solutions   Abstract

Warren, Kim with Christopher Spencer and Christina Spencer   Going further with the Sysdea software   Abstract

Other Presentations and Events

Adler, Steven   Climate Change Hackathon   Abstract Paper Supporting

Andersen, David with Robert Eberlein, Peter Milling, Andrew Ford and Roberta Spencer   Outstanding Service Award Announcement   Abstract Citation by David Andersen  Link to award information

Armenia, Stefano   SYstem Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC) Annual Meeting   Abstract  Link from authors

Armenia, Stefano with Eliot Rich   iSIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

Arthur, Daniel with David Wheat   Economics Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Bahaddin, Babak   Iran Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Bobrova, Yekatherina with Larry Gottschamer   Student Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Carnohan, Shane with La Tonya Walker   Environmental SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

Cavana, Robert   Australasia Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Cavana, Robert   Asia Pacific Chapters Meeting   Abstract

Chichakly, Karim with Ricardo Chaim   Brazil Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Dill, Michael   Health Policy Special Interest Group Business Meeting   Abstract

Eskinasi, Martijn   Benelux Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Gary, Shayne and Robert Wood   Jay Wright Forrester Award Ceremony   Abstract Slideshow of Presentation  Link to publication

Houghton, James   Model Analysis Roundtable and SIG-MA Annual Meeting   Abstract

Kapmeier, Florian   German Chapter Informal Gathering   Abstract

Kopainsky, Birgit   Swiss Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Lounsbury, David with Dana Ilmari Polojarvi   Psychology SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

Lychkina, Natalia with Alexander Ryzhenkov   Russian Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract Paper Supporting

Malczynski, Leonard   System Dynamics - Common body of knowledge - a round table discussion   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Edward Anderson   Conflict, Defense and Security SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

Matthew, George   Energy SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

McKelvie, Douglas   UK Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Musango, Josephine with Alan Brent   South Africa Chapter Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract

Palmer, Erika with Larry Gottschamer   PhD Colloquium   Abstract  Link to Student Chapter Site

Perez Salazar, Gloria   Latin America Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Rogers, Jim with Edward Gallaher and Warren Farr   Biomedical SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

Ros, Arjen with Michel Kuijer   Planned meeting of new SIG 'Asset Dynamics'   Abstract Paper

Rouwette, Etiënne   Presidential Address  Speech

Shepherd, Simon   Development of a Transportation Special Interest Group   Abstract

Warren, Kim with Seth Cordes   Business SIG Annual Meeting   Abstract

Warren, Kim with Leonard Malczynski   Accreditation / Certification Roundtable   Abstract

Williams, Ddembe with Andrew Mwesigwa   Africa Regional Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

Yan, Haiyan with Ying Qian   China Chapter Annual Meeting   Abstract

System Dynamics Society
*Conference Proceedings updated: September 9, 2016.