Abstract for: Impact Assessment Model for Sustainable City Logistics Solutions

During the last years a large number of projects was launched to make city logistics more sustainable. Within these projects a number of solutions were tested, some of which proved to be very efficient. However only a limited number of cities were involved in these projects, while many more cities are struggling with the similar problems. Thus the question arises if the same measures can be applied in another city, with different local context conditions, and achieve a similar degree of success. This paper is trying to answer this question by creating a System Dynamics model that enables to conduct ex-ante assessment of several urban logistics solutions: green vehicles, policy measures and introduction of UCC. Several impact areas, which are affected by measure implementation, are studied. This enables to model the outcomes that are interesting both from the city municipality perspective as well as from the company perspective. The dynamic nature of the model allows to estimate not only immediate, but also the long-term effects of the measure implementation.