Abstract for: System Dynamics Libraries - An approach to develop modular-oriented simulation models

Simulations are well established in a variety of areas, e.g. business studies, natural and political sciences. Purpose of such simulations is, among others, to explore dynamic structures, to support the understanding of complex relationships and to improve systems thinking. The aim of this paper is to introduce a module-oriented development framework for domain specific system dynamics libraries (SDL approach), which can be used in the simulation of dynamic relationships on different levels of an industry, as an example the construction industry. This approach enables multidisciplinary teams to develop joint models from varying perspectives. Compared to other fields, significantly less implementations of dynamic simulations exist in the construction industry. This work demonstrates the desire to expand the system dynamics field into the construction sector. Therefore, the SDL approach provides a valuable contribution to promote further developments, e.g. the explanation of the risk situation of a company, the identification and evaluation of project risks, endangered operational procedures on various functional levels or to improve systems thinking and the understanding of the decision making process in detail. Regardless of the construction industry, the introduced approach can be used in any kind of business, independent of decision level and functional area.