Abstract for: Health Policy Special Interest Group Business Meeting

The Health Policy Special Interest Group formed more than ten years ago and has grown to over 400 members, about half of whom are SD Society members. We are a worldwide SIG with active collaborations employing system dynamic analyses to advance major health policy initiatives. Regardless of whether you are new to the field, a policy analyst, or a veteran SD modeler, we welcome your participation! The 2016 Annual Meeting will: (1) facilitate the exchange of information regarding recent/current Health Policy work (1.1) Members will then introduce themselves country by country. (1.2) Presentation of Lupina Award and brief oral presentation by recipient (2) explore possible collaborations (2.1) Discuss grants of interests (2.2) Discuss current project needs -- student projects, research assistants, fellowships, consultancies (3) facilitate mentoring -- Mentor and mentee initial meeting. Sign up via the LinkedIn page! (4) review the previous year -- Discuss what worked, what can be improved, our priorities for the coming year and who can help! (5) elect officers of the SIG.