Abstract for: Biomedical SIG Annual Meeting

The Biomedical SIG meeting will focus on a review of a model of the diffusion of ST/SD biomedical inventions to healthcare practitioners, educators, and researchers. The biomedical models we create are inventions delivering new utility - actionable insight - to the modeler, team, and sponsor. Innovations, however, are inventions plus the complementary components required to benefit from the insight in a field of application. Inventing insightful biophysical dynamic models is a core capability of the ST/SD community. Barriers to diffusion, then, must be about the absence of complementary resources which transform inventions to useful innovations. We need to know the range of innovation enabling complementary resources and what capabilities are required to activate them. Given an overall perspective on an invention-to-innovation value chain of activities which creates relevant dynamic modeling innovations, we could design the work required to bring enormous insight to bear on creating standardized protocols for individualized care at the point of care, in the classroom, or at the bench. Our initial meeting in Washington, 2011 identified 20 areas of application for inside-the-skin dynamic modeling. This session can help clarify the boundary of the innovation process to move some of those ideas from issue to implementation.