Abstract for: Multi method modeling and simulation with AnyLogic 7

AnyLogic is a cross-platform general-purpose simulation modeling software. The unique feature of the product is its ability to build simulations with three modeling methods, including system dynamics, agent based modeling, and discrete event modeling. This allows the users to build models using several methods at once and choose abstraction levels. Modelsí functionalities can be unlimitedly broadened with Java code, which allows for simulation of systems of any complexity and scale. AnyLogic 7 is the most significant product update in 6 years. AnyLogic 7.3.4, the newest version of the most definitive simulation and modeling software available was released in February 2016. Features include enhanced support for multimethod modeling, decreased need for coding, new and renewed libraries, and other usability improvements. Visit our website www.anylogic.com, e-mail europe@anylogic.com , or call to Vladimir Koltchanov +33 (0) 1 60 71 60 58 to learn more about how AnyLogic can work for you.