Abstract for: Designing the green new product development model: system dynamics approach (Case study: small and medium food industries)

Nowadays, paying attention to environmental issues is one of the main concerns in the field of new products. Along with changes in the environment and a rise of awareness concerning environmental protection, the industry has begun to do research and develop products reflecting environmental preservation needs. In many countries including Iran, because of the need to respond customer requirements quickly and increased complexity of product design; selecting the right set of new product development (NPD) is critical to long-term success of the firm. Thus in this research, first we tried to study the effective factors on green new product development (GNPD) in SMEs. Then, we went through predicting the future situation and identifying the effective factors on GNPD. In this regard, it was found that green projects level and efficiency of rework increased by the reduction in the time needed for each project. Also regarding the current model, we could conclude that with a decrease in the normal returned goods, revenue and efficiency of rework increased. The changes in the scheduled completion time of the model derived us to the conclusion that a decrease in the end time of planning increased the firm revenue and the level of green projects.