Abstract for: A Hybrid Modeling Method: Combining System Dynamics Modeling with Agent Based Modeling

Different types of simulation and modeling methods have been developed over the last 60 years to study the dynamics of complex systems. These methods have their special characteristics and assumptions that affect the outcomes and the way in which simulation studies are performed. System Dynamics modeling follows the aggregation approach assuming the perfect mixing and homogeneity within compartments. Using System Dynamics, one can easily model a wide range of feedback effects and simulate the overall behavior of the system. Using Agent Based Modeling enables one to capture the heterogeneity between entities and the structure of their interactions. There is a clear distinction between these approaches in terms of the level of detail captured, the amount of data and information required, the level of agent interactives that can be dealt with, and the time needed to model and simulate the respective models. Ideally, one should be able to choose a mixture based on the required tradeoff between the characteristics. In this paper we therefore propose a hybrid modeling method for combining these modelling methods which provides the opportunity to manage these tradeoffs by bringing together Agent-Based Modelling and System Dynamics in a single platform.