Abstract for: A Systemic Approach to Conceptualising a Model of Construction Innovation System in Russia

This is an ongoing research employing an integrated method to identify variables forming a construction innovation system in Russia and to create an initial conceptual causal loop diagram supported by stakeholder-based techniques and structural analysis. Quantification of an innovation system generally and sectoral-specific such as construction is quite complicated. Systems are very complex and dynamic embracing a range of components such as information, performance, policies and strategies, resources and time. To overcome this challenge and conceptualise the system, systemic and participatory techniques have been utilised into a cohesive integrated approach. It included academic and industry consultation, stakeholder engagement (participatory interviews) and structural analysis (MICMAC). During the study, key variables were identified, influence/dependence map and graph (causal relationship) were created and finally a conceptual model was built as a causal loop diagram in order to understand and model the factors involved in the feedbacks, causes and impacts within the construction industry’s innovation performance.