Abstract for: Network Simplification and Visualization through System Dynamics-based Network Centrality

When developing innovative products in today’s business world, companies try to optimize the process of identifying and discussing customer problems, value and opportunities as much as possible to advance faster to new business creation, proof of concept and finally contract agreement. In this paper we use system dynamics as a methodology that facilitates the modeling and visualization of causal business indicator relationships in a compact and intuitive way that clearly points to business problems and therefore leads to value and opportunity discovery. Specifically, we propose a technique that automatically simplifies a given network of nodes based on node importance, such that a fast understanding of interdependencies and problems in time-limited workshops and other occasions can be assured. We first state the principle algorithm used to determine node importance, and then explain how the network is displayed based on node importance and user input. We illustrate the usage of this simplification and visualization method with an example in the field of visitor prediction.