Abstract for: Australasia Chapter Annual Meeting

The Australasian Chapter will have a meeting to discuss what’s going on in the region, see how we can help foster the update of SD and welcome interested in joining our chapter. The ever-growing base of members of the Australasian Chapter has been pursuing our existing and new realms of research and activities. These include our interests in our ecosystems and global environment, in terms of human interface and the various impacts of farming. Also in business and management, major advancements are seen in the integration of system dynamics with supply chain decision making, production planning, process design, and accounting. Towards the social and well-being aspect, system dynamic modeling of corruption was undertaken, along with other major projects on important social issues including occupational and traffic safety. On education, major universities and institutions in the region are continuously expanding the coverage of systems thinking and system dynamics, from the focus on postgraduate studies all the way towards undergraduate and high school levels, gaining momentum for the promotion of systems perspectives in education for all. We’re looking forward to seeing you all at Delft.