Abstract for: Modeling Laborer's Group Learning Processes in Construction

Construction industry still requires a lot of laborers to perform a project despite of advance in technologies, and improving labor productivity is an important strategy for successful project management. Since repetitive construction works exhibits learning effect, understanding laborers’ learning phenomenon therefore allows managers to have improved labor productivity. In this context, previous research efforts quantified the learning effect of ‘individual’ laborer, though numerous construction works are performed in group. In other words, previous research about labor learning assumed that the sum of individual’s productivity is same as group productivity. Moreover, managers in construction sites need understanding about group learning behavior for dealing with labor performance problem. To address these issues, the authors investigate what variables affect laborers’ group level learning process and develop the system dynamics model as a basic tool of productivity estimation regarding group learning. Based on the result of this research, it is possible to understand forming mechanism of learning within the group level. Further, this research may contribute to maximizing laborers’ productivity in construction sites.