Abstract for: Organizational Demographic Management: A System Dynamics Model

Nowadays, organizations need to pay much attention to the subject of human capital management in order to progress and succeed in competitive and variable business environment. One of the topics discussed in human capital management, which has an important role in processes of organizational growth and development and resources allocation, is the issue of organizational demographic composition and the study of its characteristics e.g. size, aging chain structure, and staff education. In a systemic view, Staff educational demographic should be distributed in form of a chain of consecutive educational levels in which the number of people is determined in balance with jobs and grows based on organization needs. Due to the influence of each component of this dynamic chain on the next one, policies and decisions which could guarantee its appropriate and balanced growth are of great importance. This research has been carried out in a commercial bank in Iran as a case study to analyze the dynamics within its Staff educational demographic, and for this purpose a dynamic model is developed based on system dynamics. In this respect, various scenarios regarding different policies are simulated, and the results of adopting these policies are analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively.