Abstract for: Experiential Learning Environments as a Means for Transformation

Serious games might be a means to translate System Dynamics modelling and analysis into experiential learning environments. They might be used to accelerate learning and direct gained understanding into actions. A workshop with a game was one of the most impactful interventions in transformation of Lima refinery, about which the participants of the workshop will learn from the transformation leader. Such workshops have been used in a number of large organizations to facilitate breakthrough step change. Games can be used to bring together such fields as science, business, politics, arts and civil society, the experience of which will be also shared with the participants of the workshop. There are two parts to the workshop: 1) Energy Transition game participants become policy makers, technology developers, entrepreneurs, investors and energy providers to face the challenge of transition from one dominating source of energy to alternative energy sources and technologies. 2) round table to discuss aspects of games development and challenges a System Dynamist might face in practical application of serious games. The workshop is dedicated to anyone interested in applying serious games to transformation in the real world, be it in the area of energy transition or any other multi-actors change effort.