Abstract for: Accreditation / Certification Roundtable

In this Roundtable we will have a look at system dynamics courses/ modules that are offered around the globe. The aim is to exchange best practices in teaching and discuss ideas on Certification and Accreditation. The Society's Policy Council is considering the introduction of a scheme for Certifying professionals with proven capabilities in system dynamics. One possible path for this is to Certify graduates of University programs that meet agreed standards. This in turn implies endorsement of those teaching programs through Accreditation. Two levels of Certification and Accreditation might be possible by this path - level-1 for students passing basic SD education as part of other degrees and level-2 for graduates of SD-dedicated degree programs, probably at the Masters level. If this were agreed, it would require agreement on the minimum scope and standard of instruction and examination in Accredited programs, so this Roundtable is an opportunity to share-and-compare the coverage of programs from any institution that may wish to participate in such a scheme. It should be noted that no decision has been taken that either Certification or Accreditation should proceed. It is also possible that more demanding Certification mechanisms, including assessment of professional work, would be preferred.