Abstract for: Policy Resistance Case Study on Governmentís Intervention in Conflict between Big-box stores and Traditional market in Korea

Rapid expansion of big-box store in developing country caused typical archetypal change in market structure: Success to The Successful, because big-box stores armed with modernizing infrastructure and management capability are absorbing the once customers of the traditional market like black hole. Facing rapid change in market structure and surmounting pleas from traditional market merchants, government took an inevitable action with law regulating the big-box storeís business and supporting traditional marketís competence building. Not so long, however, did government confront policy resistance from both sides in spite of short term effects. This study articulates behavior over time of market structure with causal loop diagrams of which causalities are extracted from literatures. While this study provides significant contribution to the policy makers and supporters for traditional market, it has limitation on generalization in developing countries because this study is developed on Korean case.