Abstract for: From Recoverers to Recycling Organization, Socio-Economic and Environmental Considerations on Residential Waste Management

The Bogota-Colombia government seeks to gradually change its waste management policy towards a sustainable system, where economic, social and environmental perspectives are integrated and also the recycling population is included in the policy, in compliance with the Constitutional Court ruling. Different public policies are simulated through system dynamics, establishing that the recoverers play an important role in the system, and that their income depends largely on the sale of material to the industry and less on the government subsidy for recycled materials. Thus, allowing their formalization and overcoming their economic vulnerability. Besides, an ideal scenario, when largest recycled material is achieved, meaning that the system has a rejection rate equal to 0% and a collection capacity of 100%, is given when the best technological available vehicle is employed at its maximum capacity, reducing landfill emissions and savings in water, energy, fuel and trees.