Abstract for: World Climate and C-ROADS Training

Interactive Experimentation with a Global Climate Simulator for Policy Makers and Educators. The climate and energy infrastructure are coupled complex dynamical systems driven by multiple feedback processes, accumulations, time delays and nonlinearities. However, research shows poor understanding of these processes is widespread, even among highly educated people with technical backgrounds. We respond by offering “World Climate”, a simulation-based role-play exercise that helps a wide range of people improve their understanding of climate dynamics towards actionable insights. Florian Kapmeier and team members will train participants in how to lead the workshop effectively. The day is organized into two condensed sessions. Not all need to be attended. Sessions include: 1. Play World Climate 2. Complete World Climate, Debrief, and Introduction to Facilitation 3. Advanced World Climate facilitation techniques and C-ROADS structure and dynamics 4. Planning your World Climate event and an Introduction to World Energy and the En-ROADS simulation.