Abstract for: Key Success Factors in Implementing System Dynamics in Project Management: Coping with lack of understanding and trust

The main challenge of system dynamics (SD) implementation in project management (PM) lies at its implementation stage. Moreover, SD tend to fail to make an impact when there is lack of support from key decision makers or project participants. In a previous research, the author conducted expert validation sessions (EVS) and Ishikawa’s root cause analysis to identify eleven main challenges of implementing SD in PM. They are strongly related with the lack of understanding and trust in SD model. By conducting EVS, this research builds on the findings of the previous research as it identifies the key success factors to cope with the identified challenges. The key success factors are: establishing SD education in project-based organizations, using a more-familiar term (i.e. ‘projects simulation’) to introduce the model, applying participative approach in model design, managing key project stakeholders, and developing an independent modelling entity.