Abstract for: A Metrics Analysis Framework for IT Service Management

There is an abundance of metrics for measuring various aspects IT Service Management both in research literature and practice. Also, there are numerous studies on the benefits of having an active performance monitoring and analysis embedded into the service delivery. However, frameworks that analyze metrics and provide actionable insights to address deviations for improved operational efficiency are non-existent. We propose a multi-method framework that integrates aspects of Qualitative System Dynamics with a statistical method known as factor analysis to bridge this gap. The framework has been illustrated with an 8 months metrics data stream from an actual ITSM engagement. This study alerts ITSM practitioners on the importance of fully understanding various influences in the system before taking corrective actions. By integrating multiple customer perspectives, such as business, technology, IT users and IT employees, to the framework, ITSM managers can holistically monitor the performance and achieve a balanced and an integrated view of the distribution of benefits across the organisation.