Conference Proceedings

The 29th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
     July 25 – 29, 2011  ---  Washington, DC

ISBN 978-1-935056-08-9

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PAPER and WORKSHOP INDEX - listed alphabetically by first author:

Akcam, Bahadir with Senem Guney and Anthony Cresswell   Major Issues in Mixed Use of Grounded Theory and System Dynamics Approaches in Qualitative Secondary Data   Abstract Paper

Alamdari, Fariba   System Dynamics Perspective Applied in Aviation Business Planning   Abstract

Alias, Emmy Farha with Fatimah Arshad, Kusairi Noh, Muhammad Tasrif and Aswani Mohd Noh   Sustainability of Self Sufficiency Level of Rice in Malaysia under Trade Liberalization   Abstract Supporting

Andersen, Jennifer with Anne LaVigne   A Pilot Project to Teach the Characteristics of Complex Systems   Abstract Paper

Anderson, Edward with Geoffrey Parker   On the Integration and Cospecialization of Emerging Complementary Technologies: The Case of Renewable Power and Energy Storage   Abstract

Anderson, Edward with Nitin Joglekar   Innovation Projects & Portfolios: Admitting Change and Rework to Meet Escalating Expectations   Abstract Paper

Anderson, Edward   System Dynamics Research in Conflict, Defense, and Security Panel Discussion   Abstract Paper

Anderson, Stefanie   Dynamically Stress Testing Financial Systems   Abstract Paper

Ansah, John with James Thompson and Crystal Riley   System Dynamics of Hypothetical and Realistic Demographics: Implications of Foreign Labour Policy   Abstract Paper Supporting

April, Alain   Using Simulation to teach project management skills Workshop   Abstract Paper Link

Armenia, Stefano with Yannis Charalabidis, Diego Falsini, Fenareti Lampathaki, David Osimo and Katarzyna Szkuta   Future research directions in Governance and Policy Making under the UE prism of ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling   Abstract Paper

Atzori, Alberto Stanislao with Luis Tedeschi and Antonello Cannas   The Dynamics in the Dairy Cattle Sector: Policies on Cow Milk Production Can Reduce Greenhouses Gas Emissions and Land Use   Abstract Paper

Baker, James with Tom Mullen   Lots of Loops: Lessons from using System Dynamics for Complex Governmental Decisions   Abstract Paper

Bassi, Andrea   Reflections on the Validity of T21 and PCM, System Dynamics Integrated National Development Planning Simulation Models   Abstract Paper

Beall, Allyson with Andrew Ford and Alan Brothers   Learning from System Dynamics Simulations: Simulations for Time Compression or for Time Dilation   Abstract Paper

Bean, Michael with William Schoenberg   How to Build Collaborative Online Planning Simulations for Public Policy and Business Workshop   Abstract

Bean, Michael with William Schoenberg   How to Build Online Simulation Games for Classroom Use Workshop   Abstract Link

Beck, Abby with Krystyna Stave   Understanding Sustainability, Quality of Life and Resilience   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bhatkoti, Roma with Kostas Triantis   Quantitative Evaluation of the Performance of Water Management System in the Washington Metropolitan Area   Abstract Paper

Bianchi, Nicola with Roberto Marcialis   Athens vs Sparta. When ethical choices enable to reach sustainability   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bier, Asmeret   Sensitivity Analysis Techniques for System Dynamics Models of Human Behavior   Abstract Paper

Bier, Asmeret with Michael Bernard, George Backus, Matt Glickman and Stephen Verzi   Using a Hybrid Cognitive-System Dynamics Model to Anticipate the Influence of Events and Actions on Human Behaviors   Abstract Paper

Blanco, Andres   Why Formal Housing Alternatives in Developing Countries are Insufficient, Inadequate, and Unaffordable?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bleijenbergh, Inge with Jac Vennix, Eric Jacobs and Marloes van Engen   Reducing the gender gap: biases in understanding delays in personnel policies   Abstract Paper

Blumberga, Andra with Gatis Zogla, Erling Moxnes and Pĺl Davidsen   Residential Energy Efficiency Policy in Latvia: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Blumberga, Dagnija with Ilze Dzene, Marika Rosa, Pĺl Davidsen and Erling Moxnes   System Dynamic Analysis for Development of Renewable Energy Resources in Country   Abstract Paper

Bolt, Timothy with Steffen Bayer, Maria Kapsali and Sally Brailsford   Object use as a framework to study model use in group model building   Abstract

Borshchev, Andrei with George Gonzalez-Rivas and Timofey Popkov   All About AnyLogic - an intro for those new to AnyLogic and a new features update for experienced users workshop   Abstract

Brunner, Hans-Peter   The Evolutionary Economic Geography of Regional Economic Development in Asia   Abstract Paper

Bueno, Newton   A Simple System Dynamics Model for the Collapse of Complex Societies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Campbell, Deborah   Closing the Leadership Gap: One Step Closer using System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Canova, Luciano with Vincenzo Di Giulio, Stefania Migliavacca, Elisa Baria, Valentina Ciatteo and Raffaele Imperato   CA_RE: Assessing Carbon Reduction through the introduction of a carbon tax. The case of Italy   Abstract Supporting

Capelo, Carlos   Modeling the Diffusion of Energy Performance Contracting   Abstract Paper

Cardenas, Laura with Carlos Franco and Isaac Dyner   A system dynamics model for assessing the UK carbon market   Abstract Paper

Carvajal, Sandra with Adriana Arango and Santiago Arango   Management of Voltage Control Using Distributed Generation in the Colombian Power System: a system dynamics approach   Abstract Paper

Cave, Siôn with Mirek Gliniecki, Skip Johnson and Geza Nemesszeghy   Application of System Dynamics Modelling in support of Microsoft’s Automation Strategy   Abstract Paper

Ceballos, Yony Fernando with Isaac Dyner   Challenges of energy as a tool for sustainable development in isolated rural areas   Abstract

Ceresia, Francesco with Giovan Battista Montemaggiore   A System Dynamics Model for the Clinical Risk Management: a preliminary analysis   Abstract Paper

Chaim, Ricardo   Modeling asset and liability dynamics for pension funds defined benefit plans   Abstract Paper

Chalise, Nishesh with Gautam Yadama and Foundation for Ecological Security   System Dynamics Modeling of Livelihoods and Forest Commons in Dryland Communities of Andhra Pradesh, India   Abstract Paper

Chapin, Dexter   System Dynamics in the Sustainable Systems High School Elective, Seattle WA   Abstract

Cody, John with Robert Cavana and David Pearson   Maintaining Disparity: Thresholds of Defection   Abstract Paper

Colfer, Carol with Richard Dudley   Strengthening Links Between Anthropologists and System Dynamicists: Participatory Group Modeling & Natural Resources   Abstract Paper

Contestabile, Marcello   A SD-based Analysis of the Market for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Urban Buses   Abstract Paper Supporting

Cooper, Kenneth   The State of System Dynamics Consulting - 2011 Survey   Abstract Supporting

Cronin, Matthew with Catherine Tinsley and John Sterman   Learning How Accumulation Works   Abstract

Cumenal, Didier with Philippe Boigey   How can Organizational Capacity help to clarify Project Performance? A system dynamics model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dangerfield, Brian with Norhaslinda Zainal Abidin   The Role of Behaviour Change in Eating and Physical Activity in the Battle against Childhood Obesity   Abstract Paper

Dangerman, Jérôme with Andreas Groessler   No way out? – Analysing Policy Options to Alleviate or Derail Success-to-theSuccessful in the Energy System   Abstract Paper

Davidsen, Pĺl with Erling Moxnes, Mauricio Munera Sánchez and David Wheat   A note on the bathtub analogy   Abstract

de Brito, Irineu with Celso Hino, Paulo Goncalves, Luiz Andrade, Charliston Moreira, Gustavo Costa, Luis Nardin, Hugo Yoshida Yoshizaki and David Jose de Magalhaes   Reducing CO2 Emissions due to a shift from Road to Cabotage Transport of Cargo in Brazil   Abstract Paper

Deegan, Michael   Causal Maps to Analyze Policy Complexity and Intergovernmental Coordination: An empirical study of floodplain recommendations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Delgado, Carlos with Erik Larsen, Ann van Ackere and Santiago Arango   Capacity Adjustment in a Service Facility with Reactive Customers and Delays: Simulation and Experimental Analysis   Abstract Paper

Derwisch, Sebastian with Birgit Kopainsky and Katharine Troeger   The Management of Trust for Stimulating the Adoption of Improved Maize Seed in Malawi   Abstract Paper

Dillon-Merrill, Robin with James Grimes and Catherine Tinsley   System Dynamics as a Method for Analyzing Human Trafficking   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ding, Qingxue with Ying Qian, Lixin Shu and Shengxin Chen   System Dynamics Model on Medicine Mobilization in Emergency   Abstract

Dong, Anqi with Nathaniel Osgood   The Limits of Discrete Modeling of Continuous Individual Dynamics: A Cautionary Tale from Immuno-Epidemiogical Dynamics   Abstract

Dudley, Richard   Might Continued Emphasis on Maize at the Expense of More Drought Tolerant Crops Endanger Food Security in the Horn of Africa?   Abstract Paper Supporting Link

Duer-Balkind, Marshall with Kasey Jacobs, Burak Guneralp and Xavier Basurto   Resilience, Environmental Variability, and Institutions in a Multi-Species Artisanal Fishery   Abstract Paper

Duggan, Jim   iSimPlus: A Multi-Method Simulation Tool for Modelling Complex Systems   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dyner, Isaac with Camila Ochoa and Carlos Franco   SD for assessing electricity market integration   Abstract Paper

Eckerd, Adam with David Landsbergen and Anand Desai   The Validity Tests Used by Social Scientists and Decision Makers   Abstract Paper

Egner, Joanne with Karim Chichakly   Getting Started with STELLA and iThink Workshop   Abstract Supporting

Egner, Joanne with Jeremy Merritt   Creating Simulations for the Web with STELLA and iThink Workshop   Abstract Supporting

Eker, Sibel with Jill Slinger and Gönenç Yucel   Investigating an Automated Method for the Sensitivity Analysis of Functions   Abstract Paper

Engoglia, James with Marc Alderman   System Dynamics Model for the National Guard Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and High-Explosive Enhanced Response Force   Abstract Paper Supporting

Enos, James   Dynamics of Combat Aviator Training   Abstract Paper

Eskinasi, Martijn with Etiënne Rouwette and Jac Vennix   Houdini: a System Dynamics Model for Housing Market Reforms   Abstract Paper Supporting

Farouk, Amr with Mohamed Saleh   An Explanatory Framework for the Growth of SMEs A System Dynamic Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Fiddaman, Thomas   Optimization with Vensim Workshop   Abstract Link

Fiddaman, Thomas   Building and Analyzing Models with Vensim Workshop   Abstract Link

Fisher, Diana   Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course Workshop   Abstract Paper Link

Fisher, Diana   High School Students' Models, Portland OR   Abstract

Franco, Carlos with Isaac Dyner and Ana María Florez   SD simulation for assessing biofuels incentives   Abstract

Frangos, Andrew with Sarah Fern, Gautam Yadama and Vaibhav Bhatia   Uptake of Alternative Energy Technology by Energy Poor Households in Rural Rajasthan, India   Abstract Paper Supporting

Garzia, Carmine with Edoardo Mollona   Resource coordination and Business Model Renewal process. A System Dynamics analysis of the Aluminium Downstream Industry   Abstract Paper

Ghaffarzadegan, Navid   Beyond Personality Traits and Financial Incentives: Bias and Variation in Medical Practices as Results of Experiential Learning (Dana Meadows Award Winner & Lupina Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Giraldo, Diana with Santiago Arango and Manuel Betancur   Effects of Food Availability Policies on National Food Security: Colombian case   Abstract Paper

Glass, Robert with John Harger, Chrysm Watson Ross, Stephen Conrad, Aldo Zagonel, Walt Beyeler and Melissa Finley   Development of an Agent Based Epidemiological Model of Beef Cattle   Abstract Paper

Goldani, Mahdi with Hamid Amadeh and Mehdi Zamanipour   A System Dynamics Approach in Water Resource Management and Government Subsidy Policy: A Case Study of Tajan Basin in Iran   Abstract Paper Supporting

Goldsmith, Daniel with Michael Siegel   Improving Health Care Management Through the Use of Dynamic Simulation Modeling and Health Information Systems   Abstract Paper

Golnam, Arash with Sérgio Viana and Alain Wegmann   Problem Structuring Methods in System Dynamics Modeling: a Cognitive Fit Perspective   Abstract Paper

Graham, Alan   Varieties of System Dynamics Practice   Abstract Paper Supporting

Groesser, Stefan with Martin Schaffernicht   Reviewing for Conferences and Journals Workshop   Abstract Link

Groesser, Stefan   What Is a Validation Methodology? Analyzing and Synthesizing two Meanings   Abstract Link

Groesser, Stefan   Measuring Dynamic Complexity: A Standardized Measure for System Dynamics Simulation Models   Abstract Link

Groessler, Andreas with Inge Bleijenbergh and Jac Vennix   “10 years on average doesn’t mean 10 years in any case” – an Experimental Investigation of Fixed and Continuous Delays   Abstract Paper

Guevara, Porfirio with Roy Zuniga and Luis Lopez   Coordination Failures in Complex Environments: A Model for Primary Education Systems in Developing Countries   Abstract Paper

Hamarat, Caner with Erik Pruyt   Exploring the Future of Wind-Powered Energy   Abstract Paper

Hasanpour, Ali with Reza Kazemi, Mohammad Rasouli, Mohammad Jalalian, Mahdi Mirhoseini and Masoud Tavazoei   Privatization; Iran Power Industry As A Case Study   Abstract Paper

Hennessy, Gregory with Justin Cook, Michael Bean and Katherine Dykes   Economic Dynamics for Smarter Cities   Abstract Paper

Hennessy, Gregory   Simulating an Auction Market: The Effect of the Number and Aggressiveness of Bidders   Abstract Paper

Herdem, Canan with Yaman Barlas   A Model of Bone Loss Dynamics Due to Disuse and Overload   Abstract Paper

Hirsch, Gary with Marcy Frosh, Burton Edelstein and Theresa Anselmo   A Simulation Model for Designing Effective Interventions in Early Childhood Caries   Abstract Paper

Hoffman, Ian with Peter Wilkinson   The barrier-based system for major accident prevention: a system dynamics analysis   Abstract Paper

Homer, Jack with Bobby Milstein and Gary Hirsch   HealthBound: The National Health Reform Game Workshop   Abstract Paper Supporting Link

Hoppenbrouwers, Stijn with Etiënne Rouwette   A Dialogue Game for Group Model Building   Abstract

Hovmand, Peter with Etiënne Rouwette, David Andersen, George Richardson, Annaliese Calhoun, Krista Rux and Timothy Hower   Scriptapedia: A Handbook of Scripts for Developing Structured Group Model Building Sessions   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hovmand, Peter with Mary Scheetz, Tony Robinson and Krista Rux   Using Group Model Building to Introduce High School Students to System Dynamics   Abstract

Hovmand, Peter with Laura Brennan and Nishesh Chalise   Whose Model is it Anyway?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hower, Timothy with Peter Hovmand, Krista Rux, Yvonne Sparks and Daniel Davis   The Use of Financial Products and Services in Low Income African-American Communities   Abstract Paper

Hsueh, Joe with John Sterman   Dynamics of Shared Capitalism Policies   Abstract Paper

Hu, Bo with Armin Leopold   Web-based Participatory System Dynamics Modelling – Concept and Prototype Development   Abstract Paper

Huerta, Juan with Marcos Esquivel-Longoria, Fabiola Arellano-Lara, Sergio Dominguez-Ruiz and Fernando Rosales-Flores   A System Dynamics Approach to Examine Climate Change Impacts: The Case of the State of Guanajuato, México   Abstract Paper

Huertas Quiroga, John   Documentation: Recalling the Forgotten Important   Abstract Paper

Hull, Katrina   Modeling Cases from Jared Diamond's “Collapse”   Abstract Paper Supporting

Isaacs, Noah with Jeroen Struben and Ruthanne Huising   Inadvertent Inequality: The Unintended Consequences of the Major League Baseball Free Agent Compensation System   Abstract Paper

Jacobs, Dennis with Inge Bleijenbergh and Jac Vennix   Supporting decision-makers in managing stock-flow problems: The effects of oral feedback on reasoning and decision-making   Abstract Paper

Jacobson, Jacob with Robert Jeffers and Kristyn Scott   A Framework for Analysis of Energy-Water Interdependency Problems   Abstract Paper

Jaen, Sebastián with Isaac Dyner   Coca Farming Dynamics: The Colombian Case   Abstract Paper

John, Klaus   A System Dynamics Approach to Macroeconomic Policy Evaluation - The Case of the German Debt Brake   Abstract Paper

Jokinen, Tero with Jouni Pyötsiä and Peter Ylen   Dynamic Model for Estimating the Added Value of Maintenance Services   Abstract Paper

Jones, Andrew with Thomas Fiddaman, John Sterman, Phil Rice, Stephanie McCauley, Lori Siegel and Travis Franck   C-ROADS Climate Simulation -- Reflections and New Directions   Abstract

Jones, Charles   A generalized growth model for strategic analysis   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kapmeier, Florian with Meike Tilebein, Ralf Dillerup and Alexander Voigt   Applying System Dynamics to Overcome Unsuccessful Success Factor Research   Abstract Paper

Karanfil, Özge with Thomas Moore, Patrick Finley, Theresa Brown, Aldo Zagonel and Robert Glass   A Multi-scale Paradigm to Design Obesity Policy: Exploring the Integration of Individual- Based Modeling and System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Keith, David with John Sterman and Jeroen Struben   Understanding Innovation Diffusion in the Presence of Supply Constraints and Price Feedback: The Case of the Toyota Prius (The Environmental SIG Scholarship Award Winner)   Abstract Supporting

Kennedy, Michael   A Taxonomy of System Dynamics Models of Educational Policy Issues   Abstract Paper

Kennedy, Michael   A Taxonomy of System Dynamics Models of Educational Pedagogic Issues   Abstract Paper

Khosla, Karan   “Counterintuitive Ways Of Doing More With Less” – An SD Contribution To The Urban Water Crisis in the Global South   Abstract Paper Supporting Link

Killingsworth, William with J. Chris White and Robert Sholtes   Designing and Managing the Virtual Enterprise - A Breakthrough Application for System Dynamics Using SimBLOX and scmBLOX   Abstract Paper

Kinneen, Colleen with Margaret Hower   Sociopolitical Factors Influencing Water Shortages in Maharashtra Nagar: A Qualitative Model from the 2011 Winter Institute   Abstract

Kong, Jun with Ying Shen, Yibai Chen, Hao Yuan, Shouzu Han and Yang Yang   Open a New Window, Watch the World with the View of “System”   Abstract

Kongnetiman, Stanley with Wenhui Fan, Patrick Walters and Nathaniel Osgood   Regional Economic Growth and Municipal Financial Planning: An Application of A System Dynamics Model to Calgary   Abstract Paper

Kopainsky, Birgit with Stephen Alessi and Pĺl Davidsen   Measuring knowledge acquisition in dynamic decision making tasks   Abstract Paper

Kopainsky, Birgit with Stephen Alessi and Pablo Pirnay-Dummer   Providing structural transparency when exploring a model’s behavior: Effects on performance and knowledge acquisition   Abstract Paper

Kortelainen, Samuli with Hannu Karkkainen   Dynamic model in understanding dynamics of competitiveness: system dynamics approach in mobile handset vendor business   Abstract Paper

Korzilius, Hubert with Stefan Raaijmakers, Etiënne Rouwette and Jac Vennix   In Search of Explanations for Stock-Flow Performance   Abstract

LaVigne, Anne   Systems Thinking for Students in Elementary and Middle Schools, Tucson AZ   Abstract

Lee, Carmen with James Thompson   What’s Wrong with This Picture? — Group Knowledge Elicitation with Progressive Concept Models   Abstract Paper

Lee, Carmen   Understanding and Alleviating Future Skilled Labor Shortage in Norway   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lee, Eun Kyu with Dong-Hwan Kim and Won-Gyu Ha   System Dynamics Modeling for the Future IT Development: Applied to Education, Health Care, and Smart Work System in Korea   Abstract Paper

Lee, Man-Hyung with Nam Hee Choi, Yoo-Jeong Ahn and Gi Soo Kim   Social Dynamics of Traffic-Related Pardons in Korea   Abstract Paper

Lempinen, Teemu with Sampsa Ruutu, Peter Ylen and Tommi Karhela   Open Source System Dynamics with Simantics and OpenModelica   Abstract Paper

Lerch, Christian   Interaction of Product and Service Innovations - An Anaylsis of the Dynamics in Industrial Companies   Abstract Paper

Lewis, Jide   Towards An Early Warning System Of Sovereign Debt And Financial Sector Crises: The Case of Jamaica   Abstract Paper Supporting

Li, Anson with Kambiz Maani   A Supply Chain Paradox   Abstract Paper

Li, Anson with Kambiz Maani   Dynamic Decision-Making, Learning, and Mental Models   Abstract Paper

Li, Jian-Jing with Jian Hung Chen   Exploring the Long-Term Development of Festival Tourism and Culture Policies- a Case of the Hakka Tung Blossom Festival   Abstract

Li, Jiang with Timothy Taylor and David Ford   Impacts of Project Controls on Tipping Point Dynamics in Construction Projects   Abstract Paper

Li, Ying with Timothy Taylor   The Impact of Design Rework on Construction Project Performance   Abstract Paper Supporting

Liu, Sheng with J. Chris White and Robert Sholtes   Addressing Retail Out-of-Stock Issues Using System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Lofdahl, Corey   Simulations for Comprehensive Operations   Abstract

Love, Gregory with Chris Glazner, Sam Steckley and Kristin Lee   Nuclear Waste Management: Strategic Framework for Large-Scale Government Programs: Addressing Legacy Waste from the Cold War   Abstract Paper

Lubyansky, Alexander   A System Dynamics and Agent-Based Simulation Approach to Test Group-Level Theories of Political Violence   Abstract Paper Supporting

Luna-Reyes, Luis with J. Ramon Gil-Garcia and Fernando Ramirez-Hernandez   A Resource-Based View of Local Digital Government: Core Capabilities for Success from the Case of Mexico   Abstract Paper

Lychkina, Natalya   Modeling of Social Sphere Based on Methods of System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Maani, Kambiz   Learning Lab for Sustainability -Theory and Case Study   Abstract

Mai, Thanh   Towards a shared systems model of stakeholders in tourism development in the Cat Ba biosphere reserve of Vietnam   Abstract Paper

Malczynski, Leonard with Imrana Umar   Advanced Modeling with Powersim Studio Workshop   Abstract Paper

Malczynski, Leonard with Imrana Umar   Getting Started with Powersim Studio Workshop   Abstract Link

Marasso, Lanfranco with Marco Alessi, Ivan Ficano, Marco Burgarello, Giorgio Cavaliere and Enzo Bivona   Using System Dynamics to Assess a Web 2.0 Governance Model for Public Service Delivery   Abstract

Mardin, Farid with Takeshi Arai   A System Dynamics Model For Replacement and Overhaul Policy For Capital Asset Subject To Technological Change   Abstract Paper

Marjaie, Seyed Ali with Urvashi Rathod   Communication in Agile Software Projects: Qualitative Analysis using Grounded Theory in System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with David Sallach   Illegality and Instability as a Continuum: The US-Mexico Border Case   Abstract Paper

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Cleotilde Gonzalez   Stock-and-Flow Failure: Visual Saliency   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio   System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool (SDM-Doc) Workshop   Abstract

McGee, Sibel with Michael Joel and Robert Edson   Mexico’s Cartel Problem: A Systems Thinking Perspective   Abstract Paper

McKelvie, Douglas with Eric Wolstenholme, Steve Arnold and David Monk   Using System Dynamics to Plan Investment in Alcohol Services   Abstract Paper

Metcalf, Sara with Michael Widener, Mary Northridge, Mark Paich, Stephen Marshall and Ira Lamster   Modeling the Dynamics of Dental Health in Older Adults   Abstract Paper Supporting

Mollona, Edoardo   How do system dynamic models (SD) capture path dependent and complex evolutionary behaviour in social science analysis?   Abstract Paper

Moore, Thomas with Patrick Finley, John Linebarger, Alexander Outkin, Stephen Verzi, Nancy Brodsky, Daniel Cannon, Aldo Zagonel and Robert Glass   Extending Opinion Dynamics to Model Public Health Problems and the Evaluation of Policy Interventions   Abstract Paper

Morecroft, John   Metaphorical Models for Limits to Growth and Industrialisation Workshop   Abstract Paper Supporting

Morgan, Jennifer with Susan Howick and Valerie Belton   Considering Combining: Designs for the Complementary Use of System Dynamics and Discrete Event Simulation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Morrison, J. Bradley with Robert Wears   Emergency Department Crowding: Vicious Cycles in the ED   Abstract Paper

Mrotzek, Maximilian   Approaching the Tipping Point: Critical Transitions in Systems   Abstract Paper

Mueller, Matthias with Silvia Ulli-Beer   A Feedback Perspective on the Diffusion of Energy-Efficient Renovations   Abstract Paper

Mukerji, Purba with Khalid Saeed   Likely Causes of the US Housing Market Crisis: A System Dynamics Investigation   Abstract Paper

Nasiri, Fuzhan with Troy Savage, Ranran Wang, Nico Barawid and Julie Zimmerman   A System Dynamics Approach for Urban Water Reclamation-Reuse Planning   Abstract

Newton, Paul with Mike Town, Dexter Chapin and Ruth Fruland   Washington State Coalition   Abstract

Ngana, Yannick   Creating and Sustaining the Haig System Dynamics Club, Toronto, Canada   Abstract

Nuraeni, Shimaditya with Takeshi Arai   Modeling the Spread of Infectious Diseases after Flood in the Rainy Season in South Bandung, Indonesia   Abstract Paper

Onsel, Nisa with Yaman Barlas   Modeling the Dynamics of Academic Publications and Citations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Özgün, Onur with Yaman Barlas   Analysis of the Effects of Different Complexity Factors on the Complexity of a Simulation Game   Abstract Paper

Pala, Özge with Etiënne Rouwette   Perception is more than time delays   Abstract

Papanikolaou, Dimitris with John Sterman   The Market Economy of Trips   Abstract

Parra Valencia, Jorge Andrick with Isaac Dyner   A Construct for Testing Effective Cooperation in Large-Scale Resource Social Dilemmas   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pedercini, Matteo with Santiago Movilla Blanco and Birgit Kopainsky   Analysis of malaria trends and policy options for sub Saharan Africa through the Malaria Management Model   Abstract Paper

Perez Salazar, Gloria   Convenience Stores in Bogotá at 2030   Abstract Paper

Potash, P. Jeffrey with Ralph Brauer   MinSim   Abstract

Powers, Bobby   An Object-Oriented Type System for System Dynamics   Abstract

Prusty, S. K. with Pratap Mohapatra and C. K. Mukherjee   Sustainable Growth Strategies for Indian Shrimp Industry: A Multiple Perspective   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik with Jesse Segers and Sertaç Oruc   The Leadership Game: Experiencing Dynamic Complexity under Deep Uncertainty   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik with Jan Kwakkel   To Radicalize or to Deradicalize? Is that the Question?   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik with Jan Kwakkel, Caner Hamarat and Gönenç Yucel   Energy Transitions towards Sustainability: A Staged Exploration of Complexity and Deep Uncertainty   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik with Thomas Logtens and Govert Gijsbers   Exploring Demographic Shifts: Ageing and Migration in a Deeply Uncertain Dynamically Complex World (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pruyt, Erik   Mind Meets Heart: Smart Transition Management to Smarten Energy Systems in a Deeply Uncertain World   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik   Making System Dynamics Cool III: New Hot Teaching & Testing Cases   Abstract Paper

Qu, Weishuang with Herve Lohoues, John Shilling and Matteo Pedercini   Using model to identify and meet potential challenges in regional development: The ECOWAS T21 case   Abstract Paper

Rahmandad, Hazhir with Mohammad Mahdian   Modeling Polarization Dynamics in Online Communities   Abstract Paper

Rakoff, Hannah with Jeroen Struben   Under the Golden Arches: Disruptive and Conventional Product and Firm Dynamics under Consumer Heterogeneity and Network Effects   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ramos, Boris   Applications of a Telecom Sector Model for Establishing and Validating Telecom Policies and Strategies   Abstract Paper

Redondo, Johan Manuel with Isaac Dyner   A Non Smooth Model of National Energy Market for the Regional Energy Integration   Abstract Paper

Rees, David with Robert Cavana   Model Based Theory in Health Innovations   Abstract Paper

Ribeiro, Joana with André Baitello, Paulo Goncalves and Hugo Yoshida Yoshizaki   Improving Service Levels at a Major Brazilian Consumer Goods Company   Abstract

Richardson, George with Lees Stuntz   Session Summary: Utilizing System Dynamics with K-12 Educators and Students   Abstract

Richardson, George with Lees Stuntz   Session Summary: What Does System Dynamics Look Like for Students aged 5-18?   Abstract

Richardson, John   Crafting System Dynamics Models and Making them Accessible: Lessons from 40 Years of Practice   Abstract Paper

Riley, Crystal with James Thompson and David Matchar   Using System Dynamics Methodology to Generate Insights: An Example from Singaporean Population Health   Abstract Paper Supporting

Riojas, Jimmy with Alexander Acuna   Public Policies Assessment to Improve the Small Agricultural Producer Profit   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rivers, Mark with David Weaver, Keith Smettem and Peter Davies   Estimating future scenarios for farm-watershed nutrient fluxes – Can on-farm BMPs really do the job at the watershed scale?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rogers, James with Edward Gallaher, Craig Hocum, David Dingli, T. Ronald Chrisope and James McCarthy   Individualized Medicine and Biophysical System Dynamics: An Example from Clinical Practice in End Stage Renal Disease   Abstract Paper

Ross-Smith, Kate with Michael Yearworth   Dynamics of Operational Procurement: Systems Modelling for Performance Tracking and Auditing   Abstract Paper

Ruutu, Sampsa with Peter Ylen and Mikko Laine   Simulation of a Distributed Design Project   Abstract Paper

Rux, Krista with Peter Hovmand, Timothy Hower and Tony Robinson   Tension in a Local High School from a Systems Perspective   Abstract

Sabounchi, Nasim with Kostas Triantis, Sudipta Sarangi and Shiyong Liu   Fuzzy Modeling of Linguistic Variables in a System Dynamics Context   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sabounchi, Nasim with Hazhir Rahmandad   Building and estimating a dynamic model of weight gain and loss for individuals and populations   Abstract Paper

Saeed, Khalid with Oleg Pavlov, Jeanine Skorinko and Alexander Smith   Farmers, Bandits, Soldiers: A model for addressing peace agendas   Abstract Paper

Sahasrabudhe, Vikas with Shivraj Kanungo   A system dynamics model of post-installation use of enterprise information systems   Abstract Paper

Samadi Radani, Jaleh with Emmanuel Garbolino   A new dynamic risk analysis framework for CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage chain   Abstract Paper

Sanches, Lars with Orlando Lima   Hockey-stick phenomenon: supply chain challenges in Emerging countries   Abstract Paper Supporting

Santos, Joaquim with Marcelo Ramos Martins   From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy: The Dynamics of Replacement in Brazil   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schade, Burkhard   BioPOL: biofuel modeling, sensitivity analysis and discussion on biofuel support policies under inherent uncertainties   Abstract

Schaffernicht, Martin   The use of qualitative modeling to derive qualitative policy implications from structural aspects of a model – a practical case   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schmidt, Teresa with Wayne Wakeland   A System Dynamics Model of Pharmaceutical Opioids: Medical Use, Diversion, and Nonmedical Use   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schoenberg, William   How best to present model structure to decision makers? An experimental study of the effectiveness of the Forio model explorer   Abstract Paper

Seker, Oylum with Yaman Barlas   Modeling the Dynamics of Thyroid Hormones and Related Disorders (Lupina Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Silva, Vanina with Antonio Coelho and Antonio Novaes   The role of collaboration through manufactured goods’ exportation process under System Dynamics analysis   Abstract Paper

Simonelli, James   A System Dynamics Perspective on Applying a New Energy Efficiency Metric for Data Centers   Abstract Paper Supporting

Skarin, Bruce   Distributed Group Problem Solving   Abstract Paper Link

Skribans, Valerijs   Development of System Dynamic Model of Latvia’s Economic Integration in the EU   Abstract Paper

Sotardi, Susan with David Lounsbury, Nicolas Schlecht, Gloria Ho and Mark Einstein   Application of System Dynamics to Inform a Model of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Efficacy   Abstract

Stave, Krystyna with Benjamin Jurand and Heather Skaza   Description and demonstration of a simulation learning environment for discovery learning about simple accumulations   Abstract Paper

Stave, Krystyna with Heather Skaza and Benjamin Jurand   Using Simulations for Discovery Learning about Environmental Accumulations   Abstract Paper

Steverink, Bart with Cornelia van Daalen   The Dutch Taxation on Airline Tickets: A system dynamics approach to model airport choice   Abstract Paper

Strohhecker, Jürgen   Illuminating the Logic of Stock Management Failure – How Much Does the (Mis)Understanding of Accumulation Explain?   Abstract Paper

Struben, Jeroen with Charles Gauvin   Language Evolution in Québec: Network effects and clustering   Abstract Paper

Struben, Jeroen with Derek Chan   Non-communicable Disease Dynamics and Prevention: Dynamics of Nutritious Food Market Transformation Initiatives   Abstract Paper

Struben, Jeroen with John Sterman   Strategies for Transportation Electrification: Overcoming Thresholds and Overly Optimistic Forecasts   Abstract Paper Supporting

Stuntz, Lees   What Is Happening in K-12 Systems Dynamics and Systems Thinking?   Abstract

Stuntz, Lees with Diana Fisher, Anne LaVigne, Jennifer Andersen and P. Jeffrey Potash   Hands-on Simulation Curriculum in K-12 Education Workshop   Abstract Link

Susta, Marek with Gustav Bizik   Human Stress Response from the System Dynamics Point of View   Abstract Paper

Tanyolac, Togay with Hakan Yasarcan   A Soft Landing Model and a Mass-Spring Damper Based Control Heuristic   Abstract Paper

Tasrif, Muhammad with Ina Juniarti   A Dynamic View on Knowledge Development: A Case of Industrial Aerospace Supply Chain Development in Indonesia   Abstract Paper Supporting

Thompson, James with Crystal Riley and David Matchar   System Dynamics of Diminishing Family Size on Living Arrangements of Singaporeans with Ageing-related Dementia   Abstract Paper Supporting

Thompson, Kimberly   Seeing Time: Using System Dynamics to Inform Public Health Choices   Abstract

Tian, Yuan with Nathaniel Osgood   Comparison between Individual-based and Aggregate Models in the Context of Tuberculosis Transmission   Abstract Paper

Tignor, Warren   Agile Essence   Abstract Paper

Tsai, An-Ho   Establishing a framework to check the ablility of learning system dynamics--the experience of Taiwan scholars   Abstract

Ullah, Muhammad with Tiru Arthanari   Using a Qualitative System Dynamics Approach to Investigate Perception of Corruption   Abstract Paper

Ulli-Beer, Silvia   How does the Multi-Level Perspective help to conceptualize a System Dynamics analysis of a specific transition challenge?   Abstract Paper

Uriona Maldonado, Mauricio with Gregorio Varvakis   Analyzing Training Programs from a KM perspective: A System Dynamics model   Abstract Paper

Uzmez, Beril with Necati Aras and Yaman Barlas   Strategic Analysis of Product Recovery Management by Using System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Venkateswaran, Jayendran with Kaushik Margabandu, D. Bijulal and Nandyala Hemachandra   Simulation based Analysis of Service Levels in Stable Production-Inventory Systems   Abstract Paper Supporting

Viejo Garcia, Pablo with Jose Gonzalez, Oscar Barambones and Enrique Kremers   Quantitative systems dynamics: Comparison of modeling techniques for the simulation of electro-mechanical systems   Abstract Paper

Villa, Sebastian with Paulo Goncalves and Santiago Arango   Retailer’s Order Decisions under Delays: System Dynamics and Experimental Results   Abstract Paper

Villaseńor, Roberto   System Dynamics in Reverse Logistics Processes   Abstract Paper

Voyer, John with Troy Goddu, Cade Blackburn and Brian Sprague   A System Dynamics Examination of the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs   Abstract Paper

Wahba, Khaled   The Egyptian Revolution 2011: The Fall of the Virtual Wall - The Revolution Systems Thinking Archetype   Abstract Paper Supporting

Walker, Rod with Wayne Wakeland   Calibration of Complex System Dynamics Models: A Practitioner's Report   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wang, Hsiao-Lin with Yu-Feng Ho and Ching-I Wu   Dynamics Model of Eco-Security Surveillance System for the Tamsui River in Taipei City   Abstract Paper

Warren, Kim with Christina Spencer   Getting Started with My Strategy Software Workshop   Abstract

Wheat, David   Policy Modeling Workshop   Abstract

Wheat, David with Lili Shi   Exploratory Policy Design   Abstract Paper

White, J. Chris with Robert Sholtes   Getting Started with pmBLOX Workshop   Abstract Supporting

White, J. Chris with Robert Sholtes   Getting Started with the Beer Game on Steroids (BGOS) Workshop   Abstract Supporting Link

Woodlock, Don   Time to Bite the Hand that Feeds You   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wunderlich, Philipp with Andreas Groessler   Raising Implementation Effectiveness of Innovations by Considering Structural Aspects of Organizations   Abstract Paper

Xu, Zhao   Application of System Dynamics model and GIS in sustainability assessment of urban residential development   Abstract Paper Supporting

Xue, Yudi with Nathaniel Osgood and Carl Gutwin   SILVERVIZ: Extending SILVER for coordination in distributed collaborative modeling   Abstract

Xue, Yudi with Nathaniel Osgood   A Hands-On Introduction to SILVER: Software in Support of the Collaborative System Dynamics Modeling Process Workshop   Abstract

Yamaguchi, Kaoru   Workings of A Public Money System of Open Macroeconomies - Modeling the American Monetary Act Completed   Abstract Paper

Yamaguchi, Kaoru   An Introduction to Macroeconomic Modeling - Accounting System Dynamics Approach Workshop   Abstract

Yamashita, Takayuki   A System Dynamics Approach to the Regional Macro-economic Model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yasarcan, Hakan   Information Sharing in Supply Chains: A Systemic Approach   Abstract Paper

Yearworth, Michael with Daniel Schien, Chris Preist and Paul Shabajee   Systems Modelling of New Media Services   Abstract Paper

Yucel, Gönenç with Erik Pruyt   Energy Transition in The Dutch Dwelling Stock: Exploring the Extent of Inertia Against Change   Abstract Paper

Yucel, Gönenç with Cornelia van Daalen   A Simulation-based Analysis of Transition Pathways for the Dutch Electricity System   Abstract Paper

Zagonel, Aldo with Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh, George Richardson, Nancy Brodsky, Theresa Brown, Stephen Conrad and Robert Glass   Developing a theory of the societal lifecycle of cigarette smoking: Explaining & anticipating trends using information feedback   Abstract Paper

Zawadzki, Tomasz with Radostaw Pytlak   Extending System Dynamics approach to higher index DAE’s   Abstract Paper

Zimmermann, Nicole   Mechanisms of consumer boycotts: Evidence from the Nestlé infant food controversy   Abstract Paper Supporting


OTHER PRESENTATIONS and EVENTS - listed alphabetically by Chair or Presenter:

Anderson, Edward with Ignacio Martinez-Moyano   Conflict, Defense and Security Special Interest Group (SIG) Poster Presentation and Roundtable   Abstract

Bassi, Andrea with Santiago Arango   Energy Special Interest Group (SIG) Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Bleijenbergh, Inge with Erik Pruyt   Benelux Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Chaim, Ricardo   Brazil Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Cooper, Kenneth   The State of System Dynamics Consulting Roundtable Discussion   Abstract

Dahan, Mariana   Innovating Through the Crisis: System Dynamics Modeling Applied to International Development Work and World Bank Operations   Abstract Paper

Duggan, Jim   Model Analysis Special Interest Group (SIG-MA) Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Dykes, Katherine   Student Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract Link

Fisher, Diana   Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony   Abstract Citation Acceptance Speech Materials

Homer, Jack with Kristina Wile, Gary Hirsch, Justin Trogdon, Amanda Honeycutt, Bobby Milstein, Diane Orenstein and Lawton Cooper   System Dynamics Applications Award Recipient "PRISM: An SD Model Supporting Chronic Disease Policymaking"  Presentation Background

Jones, Andrew with John Sterman and Thomas Fiddaman   C-ROADS Climate Simulation Roundtable Discussion   Abstract Link

Kennedy, Michael with Carol Frances   Education Special Interest Group Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract Paper

Khosla, Karan   India Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract Link

Kim, Dong-Hwan with Eun Kyu Lee   Korea Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract Supporting

Kopainsky, Birgit with Justus Gallati and Lukas Schmid   Swiss Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Lane, David   Presidential Address   Speech

Li, Anson   Australasia Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Lounsbury, David   Psychology Special Interest Group (SIG) Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Lychkina, Natalya   Russian Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lyneis, James   System Dynamics Applications Award Announcement and Introduction of Winner   Abstract Paper

Oliva, Rogelio with Robert Eberlein, Jack Pugh and Roberta Spencer   Outstanding Service Award Announcement   Abstract

Özgün, Onur with David Keith   PhD Colloquium   Abstract Link

Perez Salazar, Gloria with Isaac Dyner and Martin Schaffernicht   Latin America Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Pruyt, Erik   Health Policy Special Interest Group (SIG) Poster Presentation and Business Meeting for Exploring Collaborations   Abstract

Qian, Ying   China Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Rahn, R. Joel   Dana Meadows Award Announcement   Abstract Paper Link

Rogers, James with Edward Gallaher   Biophysical Special Interest Group (Proposed) - A Planning Meeting   Abstract Paper

Schaffernicht, Martin   Economics Chapter Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Schaffernicht, Martin with Stefan Groesser   Peer Review Dialog Meeting   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sedehi, Habib with Stefano Armenia and Edoardo Mollona   SYstem Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC) Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract

Skribans, Valerijs   Latvian Chapter (Proposed) Poster Presentation   Abstract

Strohhecker, Jürgen   German Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract Paper

Warren, Kim   United Kingdom Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting   Abstract Link


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