Abstract for: Getting Started with pmBLOX

This workshop will provide instruction on how to use pmBLOX, the only commercially available project planning tool that uses SD as its foundation. The workshop is intended for SD practitioners (at any level) that are involved in project management or scheduling for their organizations. The session will be conducted as a hands-on workshop and will provide software that participants can use at their own organizations. Participants will learn how to navigate pmBLOX, how to build project plans within pmBLOX and run simulations, how to import plans from Microsoft Project format, and how to conduct advanced analyses that are not available in planning tools today. Participants should bring their own computers. Prior to the session, participants can download the required pmBLOX software application at www.pmblox.com. CDís will also be provided at the workshop. People without computers are welcome to watch or team up with some else that brought a computer.