Abstract for: Dynamics Model of Eco-Security Surveillance System for the Tamsui River in Taipei City

Current research on river ecosystems in Taiwan is mostly focused on water conservancy, ecology, and afforested viewpoints. There is a lack of integrated strategy on urban river ecosystem management. This study aims to examine river quality based on ecological safety. By means of systems engineering technology, the related ecological safety operation mechanisms have been analyzed. Also, through the new Fuzzy Delphi expert survey, the index system of urban river ecological safety (IES) has been compiled in order to explore the variables. The key indicators affecting urban river ecology safety can be fully defined by sensitivity analysis in order to engage in effectiveness evaluation and to create a dynamic simulation model. The study results indicate that the strategic implementation of improved embankment vegetation structure, a reduction in the degree of river channelization, and the maintenance of a high degree of longitudinal connectivity of rivers can effectively enhance the urban river ecology risk prevention, strengthen the efficient use of resources, and promote the sound development of urban river ecology. Keywords: ecological safety monitoring, Tamsui River, Fuzzy Delphi, system dynamics