Abstract for: A Model of Bone Loss Dynamics Due to Disuse and Overload

Bone tissue has the ability to adapt to its changing mechanical environment. Bone mass is altered by the remodeling process in response to underloading and overloading conditions. The usage history of bone is the main determinant of its health and stiffness. In this paper, the two loading conditions; disuse and pathologic overload, has been studied. A dynamic simulation model is contructed to reproduce the mechanical loading effects on bone mass. In scenario analysis, underloading accelerates bone resorption and bone mass reaches a new lower steady state. Overloading stimulates bone resorption too and decreases the bone mass to remove the damage. However, while remodeling locations increase, strain also increases, so in time damage is accumulated. This model can serve as an experimental tool to study the mechanical loading conditions as well as some therapeutic interventions to prevent bone loss in severe underloading or overloading conditions.