Abstract for: The Egyptian Revolution 2011: The Fall of the Virtual Wall - The Revolution Systems Thinking Archetype

18 days, 850+ martyrs, 6500+ injured are all the quantitative facts of one side of the 25th January 2011 Revolution of Egypt which resulted in the fall and collapse of Mubarak's regime and his power. As for the other sides of the revolution, there are a lot of explanations about its birth and trigger and the dynamism of the pre-revolutionary period as well as during the revolution. Egypt revolution has its similarities to, and differences from all other revolutions that happened across the human history. Many researchers have invested all their efforts to explain and theorize the revolutions in many aspects. This paper is an attempt to apply systems theory on the dynamic parts of the revolution by developing a systems thinking model with the purpose to understand the dynamism of the causal and effects relations among all involved factors/variables in the pre-revolutionary and during-revolution periods till the collapse of the Regime. The by-product of this work is to propose an initial trial to develop an archetype for a revolution.