Abstract for: Privatization; Iran Power Industry As A Case Study

As it can be observed in developing countries trend, in these countries there is a huge government possessing enormous money and also cash flows in these countries are mainly within governmental organizations rather than non-governmental (private) sector. Plainly, this trend will not be favorable for those countries and will lead to economical downturn after a while, because given the weakness of private sector; the competition for market share will begin to wane, leading to good quality decline. Consequently investors will lose their motivation for investment and production drop and unemployment rise will be the inevitable consequences. As a result, putting in an effort to foster the process of privatization is one of the most important goals in these countries. Privatization should take place in many fields including electrical power supply. In this paper we will investigate the privatization trend in electrical power supply industry in Iran as a case study and we will also analyze the effect of influential parameters on this trend. At the end, some policies are suggested to accelerate the process and their results are probed.