Abstract for: Swiss Chapter Poster Presentation

The Swiss Chapter is currently focused on regular chapter meetings, a PhD colloquium, and an annual seminar. The PhD colloquium is the sole opportunity in Switzerland for many PhD students using system dynamics in their research to share their work with students and with peers. It contributes to creating a network between students and universities in Switzerland. Currently it is organised by Cécile Emery from University of Lugano. The annual seminar is aimed at deepening various aspects of systems thinking and system dynamics of interest to practitioners primarily. It offers a platform for learning and exchange in the Swiss chapter and became an important event. System dynamics and systems thinking are being taught increasingly at various universities in Switzerland. A Swiss association called sysdyn (www.sysdyn.ch) promotes system dynamics as a method for teaching and problem solving in high schools and universities. System dynamics in education is expected to become a focal point in our chapter’s activities. We have also made our website more interactive (www.systemdynamics-swisschapter.ch). We look forward to hosting the international conference in 2012 in Switzerland with many fruitful opportunities for exchange and mutual learning – in a beautiful environment! Justus Gallati, Lukas Schmid (co-presidents of the Swiss chapter)