Abstract for: A system dynamics model of post-installation use of enterprise information systems

An enterprise information system, e.g. a system for Enterprise Resource Planning or Customer Relationship Management, is important for any organization to carry out its business activities. Even when the upstream activities of selection or development of such a system, its installation and appropriate user training are carried out effectively, the subsequent use of the system does not always result in meeting the expectations to carry out the work of the enterprise. Published literature is rich in covering the initial acceptance and adoption of such information systems, but is rather sparse in covering the dynamics of post-installation use of the systems. This is particularly so for the critical time period immediately after the system is installed when enterprises have the opportunity to take corrective actions, if needed. Our system dynamics model is an initial attempt to capture the complex dynamic interactions among the characteristics of the organization, business processes, users, the enterprise information system, and interventions by the organization. Our results show that the model can be used to understand the impact of organizational characteristics and interventions on profiles of system use and work done via the system after an enterprise information system is successfully installed.