Abstract for: Brazil Chapter Poster Presentation and Annual Meeting

The Brazilian Chapter was founded in February of 2003 and refounded in December of 2010. With about 33 members registered at SDS and with the mission to promote SD in government and organizations in Brazil, for this year the chapter will host a mini-conference in Brasilia-DF in conjunction with the Latin American Chapter. With the support of University of Brasilia, it will be an opportunity to welcome new members and discuss new ways of actuation. More information of our activities is available from the website at http://www.sdsbrazil.org. If you would like to join us please contact Ricardo M. Chaim (ricardoc@unb.br), Isaias Custodio (isaiasc@fia.com.br) or Niraldo Nascimento (niro.nash@gmail.com). The chapter activities during the year will be discussed and future steps to manage the chapter will be planned. Also this meeting is the opportunity to get involved with Brazil Chapter activities and develop the networking required to develop System Dynamics in our country.