Abstract for: Challenges of energy as a tool for sustainable development in isolated rural areas

Community development has been widely discussed among scholars, (Shortall 2008; Soesastro 2004), Normally sustainable development of rural communities is directly linked to the ways in which people that are in the community react to new conditions or adjust to situations in a constructive way. Many studies have shown that power supply to rural communities contribute to development and growth (Berglund & Soderholm 2006; Borroto et al. 1998; Department For International Development 2002). However this has fallen short of expectation as the approaches have either been too technical, using only econometric views or coefficient based like misery line. This paper seeks to contribute in a holistic way to identify economic and social development, when energy is a crucial factor, because it allows making different approaches to education and technical development in the geographic region, using information technologies and better health services. The social and human capital raise when people inside the community identifies this connection, and make the energy a way to get better social and human services, granting a sustainable development.