Abstract for: Washington State Coalition

Since 2008 the beginnings of significant, multi-stakeholder interest and activity in systems thinking and system dynamics have been taking place in WA State. This activity has been spurred by a partnership formed between leaders in the ST/SD and environmental and sustainability education (ESE) fields. A catalyst for this growing partnership is E3 Washington: Environment, Education, Economy. E3 Washington has convened leaders in sectors and regions across the state to leverage their common interest in the role of education in the development of sustainable communities. Across the state, leaders from multiple sectors including nonprofits, businesses, tribes, schools and school districts, and government agencies have embraced ST/SD as a central content and pedagogical component of high quality, real-world, applied education system of the future. Key partners across the state including the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, school districts and institutions of higher education have begun to infuse ST/SD as a part of their core curriculum and interdisciplinary environmental and sustainability education programs. This talk will describe key ST/SD initiatives and the role of E3 Washington as a convener, leverage agent and home-base for those pursuing excellence and innovations in education.Two high school teachers, an education researcher, a systems engineer from an aerospace company, and an E3 Washington representative will present.